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22 Best Places to Go in Brisbane Over 2 Days


22 Best Places to Go in Brisbane Over 2 Days

Introduction - Check out this list we've put up of the 22 best places to go in Brisbane. Museums, restaurants, a casino...

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Treasury Brisbane Casino

Place To Go 1 - If you are looking for a venue to round out your day, I recommend visiting the Treasury Brisbane Casino. The...

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Streets Beach

Place To Go 2 - Streets Beach is a human-made swimming lagoon in the middle of South Bank. The human-made beach is patrolled during day...

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Dinner at Riverbar & Kitchen

Place To Go 3 - When spending a weekend in Brisbane, you have to book dinner at some of the city's best eateries. Located near...

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South Bank Parklands

Place To Go 4 - The parklands in South Bank are beautiful. It can get crowded on the weekend, but that shouldn't stop you from...

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Museum of Brisbane

Place To Go 5 - After lunch, with another coffee in hand, I recommend visiting the Museum of Brisbane. This museum showcases the city's unique...

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The Wheel of Brisbane

Place To Go 6 - The Wheel of Brisbane is an iconic landmark of South Bank and often features prominently in photos of the area...

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Queen Street Mall

Place To Go 7 - The CBD's main attraction is most definitely Queen Street Mall. The pedestrian-only street features local shops and international brands If...

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Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Place To Go 8 - Located on the eastern end of the CBD are the City Botanic Gardens. The gardens run along the Brisbane River...

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Anzac Square and the Memorial Galleries

Place To Go 9 - Around the corner from breakfast is Anzac Square. I don't recommend spending long here, but it is on the way...

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Kangaroo Point Lookout

Place To Go 10 - The lookout at Kangaroo Point is one of the most popular lookout spots in Brisbane. At the bottom of the...


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