2 Days in Vienna Itinerary Visual Story

By Loredana Elena


2 Days in Vienna Itinerary Visual Story

This 2 days in Vienna itinerary will help you make the most of your time...


Historical Sights and Palaces

When thinking about Vienna, what typically comes to mind are its notable sights, such as...

DAY 1 - STOP 1

Visit the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens

The Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of...

DAY 1 - STOP 2

Drop by the Belvedere Museum

The Belvedere Palace, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most interesting places...

DAY 1 - STOP 3

Take photos at the Hundertwasser House

Photographers, gather around. One of the coolest spots to take photos in Vienna is the...

DAY 1 - STOP 4

See the Giant Ferris Wheel

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the historic sites, switch things up with...

DAY 1 - STOP 5

Have lunch at Schweizerhaus

For lunch, check out the Schweizerhaus. It is located in the middle of Prater Park...

DAY 1 - STOP 6

Go to the Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School is one of Vienna's more unusual tourist attractions. Dedicated to the...

DAY 1 - STOP 7

Visit the Hofburg Palace

If you're still up for exploring more palaces, then add the Hofburg Palace to your...

DAY 1 - STOP 8

See a vintage film

Among the film fanatics, Vienna is known for its prime selection of vintage cinemas. If...

DAY 1 - STOP 9

Eat dinner at the Cafe Museum

If you're looking for an authentic Viennese dining experience, head to Cafe Museum for dinner...

DAY 1 - STOP 10

Sample dessert at Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is one of the best things to do in Vienna at night. The...


DAY 1 - STOP 11

Have drinks at Elektro Gönner

Elektro Gönner is a sort of 'secret' bar hidden away in the open in Schulhofpassage...


More Historical Sights and Vienna's Music Culture

Over the decades, Vienna has had a few other names, such as the 'City of...


DAY 2 - STOP 1

Begin your day at

The Stephansplatz is located right in the centre of Vienna's Old Town; it is the...


DAY 2 - STOP 2

Have breakfast in Stephansplatz

The Stephansplatz is filled with delightful cafes and restaurants, which is perfect for a relaxed...

DAY 2 - STOP 3

Stop by St. Stephan's Cathedral

After breakfast, make your way to the impressive Stephansdom - the Roman Catholic mother church...


DAY 2 - STOP 4

Visit the Mozarthaus

Next, head to the Mozarthaus, a beautiful building that has been restored to its original...


DAY 2 - STOP 5

Pay a visit to the Sigmund Freud Museum

When we were in Vienna, we never got around to visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum...


DAY 2 - STOP 6

Explore the National History Museum

The Natural History Museum hosts a collection of fossils and centres around the history of...

DAY 2 - STOP 7

Eat Lunch at Erich

For lunch, try Erich - one of Vienna's must-visit restaurants. Erich is located in the...


DAY 2 - STOP 8

Cruise the Danube

The Danube River is probably one of the first things that come to mind when...

DAY 2 - STOP 9

Time Travel Vienna

Time Travel Vienna is an interactive experience that uses multimedia exhibitions and special effects to...


DAY 2 - STOP 10

Go for a night at the opera

Watching a performance at the Vienna State Opera House is another event that you can't...

DAY 2 - STOP 11

Have dinner at Wratschko Gastwirtschaft

Wratschko Gastwirtschaft is another highly recommended restaurant to try in Vienna. This atmospheric pub eatery...


DAY 2 - STOP 12

Enjoy a night out at Der Dachboden

The classy Der Dachboden is a bit of a jump from the dinner location for...



In Summary

There you have it! This beautiful city offers something for every kind of traveller ...

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