2 Days in Vienna Itinerary Story

By Loredana Elena

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2 Days in Vienna Itinerary Story

If you're looking to explore Vienna's history, music and art, this 2 Days in Vienna...

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Historical Sights and Palaces

In Vienna, music merges with art and architecture to create a historical melting pot of...


DAY 1 - STOP 1

Visit the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens

The Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of...


DAY 1 - STOP 2

Drop by the Belvedere Museum

The Belvedere Palace, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most interesting places...


DAY 1 - STOP 3

Take photos at the Hundertwasser House

Photographers, gather around. One of the coolest spots to take photos in Vienna is the...

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DAY 1 - STOP 4

See the Giant Ferris Wheel

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the historic sites, switch things up with...

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DAY 1 - STOP 5

Have lunch at Schweizerhaus

For lunch, check out the Schweizerhaus. It is located in the middle of Prater Park...


DAY 1 - STOP 6

Go to the Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School is one of Vienna's more unusual tourist attractions. Dedicated to the...

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DAY 1 - STOP 7

Visit the Hofburg Palace

If you're still up for exploring more palaces, then add the Hofburg Palace to your...


DAY 1 - STOP 8

See a vintage film

Among the film fanatics, Vienna is known for its prime selection of vintage cinemas. If...


DAY 1 - STOP 9

Eat dinner at the Cafe Museum

If you’re looking for an authentic Viennese dining experience, head to Cafe Museum for dinner...


DAY 1 - STOP 10

Sample dessert at Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is one of the best things to do in Vienna at night. The...

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DAY 1 - STOP 11

Have drinks at Elektro Gönner

Elektro Gönner is a sort of ‘secret’ bar hidden away in the open in Schulhofpassage...



More Historical Sights and Vienna's Music Culture

Over the decades, Vienna has had a few other names, such as the 'City of...

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DAY 2 - STOP 1

Begin your day at Stephansplatz

The Stephansplatz is located right in the centre of Vienna's Old Town; it is the...

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DAY 2 - STOP 2

Have breakfast in Stephansplatz

The Stephansplatz is filled with delightful cafes and restaurants, which is perfect for a relaxed...

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DAY 2 - STOP 3

Stop by St. Stephan's Cathedral

After breakfast, make your way to the impressive Stephansdom - the Roman Catholic mother church...


DAY 2 - STOP 4

Visit the Mozarthaus

Next, head to the Mozarthaus, a beautiful building that has been restored to its original...

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DAY 2 - STOP 5

Pay a visit to the Sigmund Freud Museum

When we were in Vienna, we never got around to visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum...

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DAY 2 - STOP 6

Explore the National History Museum

The Natural History Museum is another niche and interesting sight The museum hosts a collection...

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DAY 2 - STOP 7

Eat Lunch at Erich

For lunch, try Erich - one of Vienna's must-visit restaurants. Erich is located in the...

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DAY 2 - STOP 8

Cruise the Danube

The Danube River is probably one of the first things that come to mind when...

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DAY 2 - STOP 9

Time Travel Vienna

Time Travel Vienna is an interactive experience that uses multimedia exhibitions and special effects to...

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DAY 2 - STOP 10

Go for a night at the opera

Watching a performance at the Vienna State Opera House is another event that you can't...

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DAY 2 - STOP 11

Have dinner at Wratschko Gastwirtschaft

Wratschko Gastwirtschaft is another highly recommended restaurant to try in Vienna. This atmospheric pub eatery...

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DAY 2 - STOP 12

Enjoy a night out at Der Dachboden

The classy Der Dachboden is a bit of a jump from the dinner location for...

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In Summary

There you have it! This beautiful city offers something for every kind of traveller ...

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