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21 Top-Rated Vancouver Trails to Visit on Your Next Hiking Trip


21 Top-Rated Vancouver Trails to Visit on Your Next Hiking Trip

Introduction - Planning to explore Vancouver's outdoor spots on your next adventure? Here are 21 top-rated Vancouver trails you could visit on...

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Dog Mountain Trail, North Vancouver

Walking Trail 1 - The Dog Mountain trail is one of the best hikes near Vancouver, BC. It's also one of the most popular...

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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Walking Trail 2 - Lighthouse Park is one of the most popular hiking trails in Vancouver. The hiking trails here are easy, and there...

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Sendero Diez Vistas, Anmore

Walking Trail 3 - The Sendero Diez Vistas hike is found at the pretty Buntzen Lake. This is a slightly more difficult hiking trail...

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Elsay Lake Trail, North Vancouver

Walking Trail 4 - The Elsay Lake Trail is a 15 kilometre hike located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Although a hike around a...

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Norvan Falls, Lynn Canyon

Walking Trail 5 - The Norvan Falls hike is an epic day hike. This trail takes you along Lynn Creek, through the forests of...

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Burnaby Lake Park Trail, Burnaby

Walking Trail 6 - The Burnaby Lake Park Trail is one of the best easy hikes near Vancouver. It takes you around Burnaby Lake...

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Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

Walking Trail 7 - If you're looking for one of the best hikes to do in Vancouver, then you have to add Quarry Rock...

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The Grouse Grind/BCMC Trail, North Vancouver

Walking Trail 8 - Grouse Mountain is a famous Canadian landmark and a mountain peak located close to Downtown Vancouver. The trail up the...

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Mount Strachan, West Vancouver

Walking Trail 9 - Mount Strachan is located close to Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. It's one of the three mountains that make up...

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Capilano Pacific Trail, West Vancouver

Walking Trail 10 - The Capilano Pacific Trail is another popular hike in Vancouver. The trail is considered easy, gaining about 230 metres of...


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