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Costa Rica Travel Guide: Things to Know if Planning a Costa Rica Trip


Costa Rica Travel Guide: Things to Know if Planning a Costa Rica Trip

Introduction - Planning a trip to Costa Rica but don't know where to begin? Read this Costa Rica travel guide and learn...

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If you're flying into San Jose, make sure it's Costa Rica

Travel Idea 1 - The two main airports in Costa Rica are Liberia and San Jose. San Jose is the capital city of Costa...

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Pay for a local guide

Travel Idea 2 - Many of us like going on solo adventures and hikes, and while most likely you'll be safe and sound, doing...

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Pack a raincoat and "warm" clothes

Travel Idea 3 - Although Costa Rica is on the equator and considered tropical, up in the mountains can be quite chilly. Costa Rica...

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Drive defensively if you rent a car

Travel Idea 4 - Renting a car is highly recommended; however, there are definitely some things to know before hitting the road. The street...

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Try a Casado

Travel Idea 5 - A Casado is a quintessential and traditional Costa Rican meal. You can find them in sodas, restaurants, cafes, and other...

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Bring a bandana or mask

Travel Idea 6 - Bring a bandana or mask, and this isn't just due to Covid. Costa Rica has many dirt roads, and they...

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Bring a (copy) of your passport everywhere

Travel Idea 7 - You will always want to carry ID on you in Costa Rica; officers are allowed to ask you for your...

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Pack good hiking shoes

Travel Idea 8 - When people first think of Costa Rica, they almost always think of the beaches. However, Costa Rica absolutely has some...

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Most restaurants include a “service charge” at the bottom of a bill

Travel Idea 9 - When you dine out in Costa Rica, you don't always have to include a tip! Many restaurants already include a...

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Visit Costa Rica's Blue Zone

Travel Idea 10 - Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula is known as a Blue Zone, and there are only 5 Blue Zones in the world...


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