The Best Work-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes in Split, Croatia

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There are many cafes in Split to enjoy that offer great views

The conveniently located city of Split, on the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic Sea, is an excellent location for digital nomads and freelancers to base themselves in.

With a bustling historic old town and happening nightlife, easy access to nearby stunning tropical islands and a variety of activities to do, you won't be short of fun things to do in Split once your workday ends or the weekend begins.

But where do digital nomads based in Split set up shop for a full-on workday? Surprisingly, Split has some great and unique cafe and restaurant options for you!

During my two-week working holiday stint in Split, I created a shortlist of some of the best restaurants and cafes in Split, Croatia, for self-employed people to work in.

I hope this short guide helps you find your perfect work location - you can be sure the suggestions below have been well thought through and assessed!

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The front and outside seating area of Basta

Basta Gourmet Bar

Hands-down, my favourite and go-to work-friendly restaurant in Split was Basta. Their location was the primary factor that kept me coming back - I mean, what beats working from a restaurant literally facing the water, with a warm Mediterranean breeze cooling you down while sipping on a refreshing, tasty drink? Not much...

Aside from the beautiful location offering views of the Split Promenade and Marina, the servers (only men?) welcomed those wanting to work on their laptops (I never stayed more than 3-4 hours, so I can't comment on working here for longer...). You do have to chase the waiters down for service, but they were all friendly.

The chairs and tables are comfortable to sit at, and the wifi is fantastic. Really, I'm not sure what more you could ask for. I can't comment on if plugs exist or where they can be found, as I always show up with my laptop fully charged.

Basta Gourmet Bar is also a bumping place at night and easily one of the best restaurants in Split. Come back for drinks or pizza in the evening as it comes highly recommended (their pizza bread is phenomenal, perhaps some of the best I've tasted in Europe outside of London and Italy!).

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The fantastic D16 Coffee, located inside the walls of Diocletian's Palace

D16 Coffee

D16 Coffee is a specialty coffee shop situated within the narrow alleyways of the UNESCO-listed Diocletian's Palace. It was my go-to Croatian coffee shop my first week in Split.

They offer a minimal food menu consisting of just croissants (usually plain and chocolate) and cookies - do you need anything else? They, of course, also provide a plethora of specialty coffee drinks. It is one of the best coffee shops in Split, Croatia, after all!

D16 is uniquely divided into two separate areas in different buildings directly across from each other on the tight street it's situated on.

While I never sat and worked in either part of the cafe (as I found it dark and crowded with tourists), they do have several tables you could sit and work at. I can't comment on the wifi situation or charging port stations, as again, I never physically worked there.

What I can say is their coffee is tasty - I usually went for a double shot oat milk latte as I don't drink milk. If you're feeling 'hot,' go for an iced oat milk latte. Both were fab, and the staff were always friendly and smiling!

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The outside area of the Art Gallery Cafe & Music Bar in Split

The Art Gallery Cafe Music Bar Split definitely has an interesting name, but don't let that stop you from visiting it for an afternoon of work or a relaxing drink.

The tables and chairs here are comfortable to work at (including a great height to stand at), and the staff are friendly and are happy to let you be with your laptop, even if you just order a drink.

I didn't visit the Art Gallery Cafe more than once as the internet wasn't that strong, but the terrace with overarching umbrellas offers a lovely view of the walls of Diocletian's Palace. And for this reason alone, I'd recommend a short visit!

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The outside seating area in the courtyard of Cafe Bar Teak

Caffe Bar Teak

Teak Cafe offers a comfortable and covered (during the day) outdoor area in a quaint courtyard tucked away in a nook of Diocletian's Palace.

While they don't serve food, they do have a variety of bar drinks, like beer, and non-alcoholic beverages (try the local lemonade in a bottle) on offer. The wifi was decent, and the area was relatively calm (aka free of wandering tourists).

They are happy for you to work away on your laptop. Just note that depending on where you sit, you might be trapped by lots of people around you smoking as the courtyard isn't that big.

If smoking isn't your thing, then it won't be a pleasant working environment for you. This is why I didn't revisit this place, but to no fault of its own (explained further below).

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My favourite latte in all of Split was from 4Coffee Soul Food

Bonus: 4Coffee Soul Food

4Coffee Soul Food is another specialty coffee shop located just outside of Diocletian's Palace and not too far from the food market.

While there are no seating options really available here, it was my favourite specialty coffee shop in Split and my go-to my second week there.

Therefore, you must definitely stop by here at least once, especially if you're a coffee-lover, as they serve up some of the best coffee in Split, Croatia!

The two guys that made my coffee (and everyone else's) took great care and time when preparing them, and it was always worth the wait. As usual, I ordered a double shot oat milk latte - yum!

They, unfortunately, had no food options, not even baked goods. But you can sip your coffee while standing and people watch, though! Make sure to bring cash with you as they don't accept cards.

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A word of caution

Be careful where you sit in the outdoor areas of any cafe or restaurant you decide to work in in Split, as smoking is allowed on outside terraces.

While this is annoying for non-smokers, myself included, you can't fault an establishment, city or country for this habit when it is commonplace everywhere.

So if you're a non-smoker, be prepared to think strategically about where you sit, or be flexible with moving around if you find yourself in the pathway of someone's secondhand smoke!

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