Content guidelines


High-quality content is what makes us successful. We review all our content to ensure it meets these standards.

The typical audience of a Destguides itinerary is a person who is travelling to a location.


  • Easy to read - sentences are clear and concise (see our writing tips below)
  • Easy to follow - the content and itinerary flows logically
  • Accurate - the information is correct, up to date, and the suggestions are feasible
  • Enjoyable - the itinerary and article should be fun


All written content must:

  • Have titles that are specific and catchy
  • Be original - articles are checked for plagiarism
  • Be exciting - provide your personal unique perspective and energy
  • Be specific and clear

When writing the introduction to an itinerary or itinerary day:

  • Explain what excites you about the itinerary or place and why it should be done
  • Explain why you have included the places in the itinerary
  • Explain what they will achieve after completing the itinerary

When writing about a stop or activities:

  • Explain the history or background
  • Explain why it is interesting
  • Explain why you are recommending it
  • Explain what you wish you knew before visiting
  • Explain what people should do when visiting the place


All images must:

  • Match the location and or stop
  • Not contain any writing or advertising
  • Be released under a license that allows the image to be used. Your own images are preferred
  • Be of high quality and not blurry or distorted
  • Not contain faces or primarily portray a person


Please avoid creating content that:

  • Is short and lacks depth
  • Has spelling and grammar errors
  • Uses filler words such as stuff, things, and very
  • Is negative, but of course, critical feedback supported by facts is welcome
  • Has long sentences that do not use commas
  • Has long paragraphs that contain several sentences (prefer 2-3 sentences per paragraph)
  • Contains paid referral links
  • Has non Destguides endorsed advertising