How to Spend 72 Hours in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, lies on China's southeastern coast. It is a melting pot of culture, cuisine and people, and as a previous British colony, it still has an abundance of English speakers and signboards on its roads.

Although Hong Kong is compact, don’t let its small size mislead you into undermining its offerings. It’s a haven for lone travellers (male or female), a mecca for foodies and the place to be for shoppers. In addition to that, you will find something to do here, regardless of the type of traveller you are. If you are into physical activities, you will find amazing trails for hiking and beaches for swimming, whereas if you like peace and quiet, then there are the perfect retreats for you as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's jump right into this itinerary! Don't forget to print it out so it can help guide you while you are in Hong Kong.

  • 3 day itinerary
  • Average of 4 stops per day

The Past and Future of The City

Kowloon City in Hong Kong
Walkway in Kowloon
Statue in Victoria Harbour
Statue in Victoria Harbour by tee2tee

Ideally, your first day in Hong Kong will begin by paying a visit to the historical sites and high-rise buildings in the city to help you get a picture of how the old and new intertwine in this beautiful region of Asia.

Hong Kong was colonized by the British, so its old architecture is a perfect way to get a peep into its past. For those interested in the history of a place, there are several history museums as well which will give you detailed information about the past events that occurred here. When you are done with the old towns and buildings, you can move along to marvel at the beauty of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

Initiate Your Walking Tour of Kowloon By Grabbing Breakfast

Over the years, Hong Kong has grown into the technological and financial hub that it is today. However, there are still lots of sites that provide visitors with a window into its past, and perhaps the perfect place to see how the old and new have intertwined so far is by beginning in Kowloon.

So, before you head out on your adventure, be sure to grab breakfast. I would recommend Tai Cheong Bakery for a quick bite.

Visit the Kowloon Markets

Kowloon is famous for its markets. Test out your bartering skills in the ladies market, which is where your haggling might actually work. After that, move along to the flower and goldfish market, which are both equally as interesting.

Kowloon Park

Now that you are done walking around the markets, it is quite likely that you will be tired from your adventure and might need a rest break. And to do just that, there is a perfect place nearby - Kowloon Park. With its beautiful green surroundings, tall trees and a lake, it's the perfect place for a quick retreat.

Symphony of Lights

If you are interested in seeing the city lit up at night, then make sure to head to Victoria Harbour for a beautiful sight. There is also a light show at 8 pm at the Harbour called the Symphony of Lights show, which is unfortunately only on for a mere 15 minutes. Despite its short show time, it is definitely worth seeing. So don't be late!

Many tours also offer the option of seeing the beautiful are and show from a boat. From Kowloon Park, the Victoria Harbour is only 19 minutes away.

Busy Day Exploring

Stunning Day Time View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Stunning Day Time View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak by t_watanabe
Night Time View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Night Time View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak by pat13480
The Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour
The Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour by Aneun_9

As the title suggests, your second day in this Southeast Asian region will include a lot of exploration. Start your day off by going to the top of Victoria Peak and grabbing breakfast. After soaking in the view of the beautiful high-rise buildings of Hong Kong, move on to the Man Mo temple and then SoHo to check out the street art. Whether you are an art enthusiast or not, you need to see the streets there. Finally, finish off your day with drinks at a nightclub in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Top of Victoria Peak

Start off your day by going to the top of Victoria Peak. You can either take the Peak Tram to the top or walk up if you wish (as long as you don't mind a challenging steep incline on your walk)! The peak offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and houses amazing eateries, shops and landmarks.

Even if it is crowded, more often than not it is worth it just for the view alone!

Man Mo Temple

Housed on the Hollywood Road in the midst of antique shops, the Man Mo Temple really takes you by surprise. The most striking feature of the temple is its incredible interior and the many incense that are stuck on its ceiling, which inundates the whole place with an intense smell.

Street Art in SoHo

If you are an art enthusiast, then you are going to love the street art in SoHo. Be sure to fully charge your batteries and prepare yourself to max out your memory card because you’ll be able to take some amazing Instagramable photos here. Be wary of the traffic though, as there are speedy cars driving around at all times.

Tsim Sha Tsui

With many nightclubs and bars dotting the streets in Tsim Sha Tsui, it is no surprise that this area is a haven for those who wish to party and perhaps let a little loose. However, if you are not in the mood to really drink on your first day in Hong Kong, then you can head to The Avenue of Stars and spot the statues of your favourite actors and actresses.

Laidback Day at Lantau Island

Cable Car Between Lantau Island and Hong Kong
Cable Car Between Lantau Island and Hong Kong by tee2tee
Tai O Fishing Villange, Lantau Island
The Big Buddha on Lantau Island
The Big Buddha on Lantau Island by tee2tee

Since it's your last day in Hong Kong, it might be nice to have a more relaxing day than your first two days in the country. So, for your third day, head over to Lantau Island, which has some amazing villages, eateries and old towns.

Start off your day by venturing to the Tai O Fishing Village, which is where you can grab something to eat as you will need ample energy to climb the hundreds of steps to the Big Buddha. Afterwards, have lunch at The Gallery Bar and Restaurant and end your day at Mui Wo – a rural town on Lantau Island.

Tai O Fishing Village

Just a short walk from the Lantau Island cable car drop off is the Tai O Fishing Village, and anyone who has been here can tell you what a sight it is. It is the oldest fishing village in all of Hong Kong and serves as an integral part of its history.

Big Buddha

To reach the statue of the Big Buddha, you will need to climb 268 steps. Even though it can be excruciating, especially in the summer heat, the journey can be a more enlightening experience rather than just visiting restaurants or doing some more shopping. You will also be able to see amazing views from the top as well, which will definitely make your journey more worth it.

In addition to great food and drinks, The Gallery Bar and Restaurant offers a nice, relaxed vide with an interior that appeases to its visitors. Be prepared to chow down on some good ol' comfort food.

Mui Wo

Even though Mui Wo is an old rural town, it offers some amazing food with a backdrop of breathtaking green mountains. Stop by at the corniche to watch the sun go down and the sky turn a beautiful magenta colour.

This article was first published on May 26, 2019 16:36 UTC.

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