Things to Do in Belgrade for Party-goers

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Travellers big on the party scene know that the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, has a reputation for throwing some of the best parties in the world. Belgrade has perfected the nightlife scene by having clubs that cater to party-goers with different music taste. For Belgrade first-timers, know that this city parties all-year-round. Summer and winter clubs serve the best nights in the city, so check out which clubs are open once you arrive.

Some of the best summer clubs include Freestyle Club, Money Club, Leto and Shake’n’shake. During the winter, indoor clubs operate, so be sure to include Mr Stefan Braun, The Bank, Freestyler Winter and Hype on your club-hopping list.

Aside from the clubs, one can also enjoy Belgrade's other attractions. For a day in your stay, see Belgrade at night through its historic alleys and great food selection. Dine at Zavičaj or at restaurants on Skadarlija or Kneza Mihaila Street as they offer traditional cuisine and other local delicacies. Fill yourself up before heading to the National Museum for a quick tour in the evening. Other cultural and entertainment spots in Belgrade include the Museum of Illusions, Kalemegdan Park, the Belgrade Fortress and the House of King Petar.

Afterwards, book a pub crawl around the city so you can see the best bars in the city. Before heading out to party, you can also check out the city’s modern restaurants, like the Faro or the Toro Latin Gastro Bar.

  • 4 day itinerary
  • Average of 5 stops per day

Belgrade, Old and New

Belgrade City, Serbia
National Museum in Belgrade
National Museum in Belgrade by falco
Republic Square

For your first day in the capital of Serbia, why not try out sumptuous traditional food? Head to the ŠEŠIR MOJ Skadarlija Restaurant, which is a tavern on an old street, to try out some delicious Serbian delicacies. You should also check out the Muzej iluzija (Museum of Illusions) for a visual treat. Then, continue your tour at the National Museum, which is open until 6 PM (8 PM on Thursdays and Saturdays), for a brief historical encounter with the country’s past.

Just a few steps from the Museum, you can join fun pub crawls that will take you to the best pubs and nightlife stops in the city. The Madhatter‘s Pub Crawl is said to be one of the better teams to organize a crawl, so check them out and don't forget to make a reservation in advance!

ŠEŠIR MOJ Skadarlija

Located on an old street, the ŠEŠIR MOJ Skadarlija Restaurant is a tavern where you can grab traditional food. Local cuisine and Eastern / Central European food can be ordered from their menu. They also provide musical entertainment and most of the staff can speak English. Enjoy the streets of Skadarlija too while here for a vintage feel of the city.

Museum of Illusions - Muzej iluzija

Put the Museum of Illusions (Muzej iluzija) high on your Day 1 list to experience Belgrade in a unique light. Don't miss the Vortex Tunnel and the major play on illusions at this museum. It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and is open until 9 PM in the evening for those who wish to have some optical action before heading out to experience the Belgrade night scene. Installations and exhibits include optical treats involving Turntables, Clones, the Anti-gravity Room, the Hollow Face Illusion, Holograms and many more!

National Museum in Belgrade

The National Museum in Belgrade is the biggest museum in Serbia and houses archaeological and medieval collections as well as an impressive art collection (including Italian, Dutch, French and Japanese art among others). This is a good starting point for an evening stroll around the city or for when you have time before a pub crawl. Itis open until the early evening (6 o'clock on Saturdays to Wednesdays and 8 o'clock on Thursdays and Fridays).

Mad Hatter Pub Crawl

Cap off your first day with a sampler of the Belgrade nightlife by joining the Mad Hatter Pub Crawl that starts at around 9 PM in the evening. Reservations can be made online, and once completed, all you have to do is show up at Republic Square to meet your guide who will be holding a white umbrella. Shots will be available at each stop, so you won't run out of drinks to consume. This is also a great way to meet other fellow travellers!

Taste the Thrill in Belgrade

Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia
Kalemegdan Park
Belgrade Fortress
View of Sava River

Belgrade may be known for its amazing after-hours parties, but it also has must-see day activities for tourists visiting the city. So first on the list for Day 2 is Kalemegdan Park, one of the largest parks in Belgrade. This, together with the Belgrade Fortress, are considered important cultural monuments in the city.

After discovering the best of Kalemegdan Park, head closer to the riverbank to check out the best food finds that are sandwiched in between nearby clubs. Don’t miss out on Faro, an alfresco restaurant near the Sava River. Then hop over to Toro, a Latin Gastro bar for some late-night drinks if you don't feel like partying just yet.

Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan Park is a must-see for those on the look-out for a relaxed afternoon stroll in Belgrade. As a cultural monument, it is regarded as one of the most important (and largest) parks in Belgrade. It is pretty hard to miss it as it is located on a 400-foot cliff where the Sava and Danube rivers meet. The park has the following major areas - the Great Kalemegdan area, which is home to the Monument of Gratitude to France, a military museum and promenades for a quick side trip.

Belgrade Fortress

The Belgrade Fortress is a sight to behold during the day and is equally as captivating at night with its various lights. The Fortress is the main citadel in Belgrade and is part of Kalemegdan Park. Its four main sections include the Donji and Gornji Grad, which consists of an iconic fortress and two other areas that make up the majority of the Kalemegdan. The Donji Grad (or Lower Town) includes the Ružica Church and the Belgrade Planetarium. Meanwhile, the Gornji Grad (Upper Town) encompasses the "The Victor" Statue, Despot Stefan Tower and various sporting courts among others as its attractions.


When the weather is beautiful enough, check out Faro Restaurant. It is an alfresco spot by the famed Sava River where diners can catch a glimpse of Belgrade's beauty at any time of day. It offers great seafood, organic food and other fare set in a modern Scandinavian interior. A must-try for a chill night in the city.

Toro Latin Gastro Bar

Light up your second night at the Toro Latin Gastro Bar. It offers a great fusion of Pan Latin cuisine and local flavours. It is run by the esteemed Richard Sandoval chef who tastefully injects a South and Central American touch to the menu. This is a great place to just hang out, chill and have drinks. Prices are reasonable and food portions are good for sharing. This place is open until after midnight, so you can have happy hour here after your dinner.

Belgrade, Life of the Party (Summer Clubs)

Sava River at Night
Ada Ciganlija

The Belgrade party scene is said to have begun in the darker periods of the city’s past. In the 1990s, Belgrade was caught in the middle of political and armed conflict and is when the party cultural scene started as it was the citizen’s creative desire to celebrate life.

Belgrade’s party scene is alive throughout the year. However, the clubs are classified as either a Summer or Winter Club. The Save River is where the summer clubs line the street and organizers take the party to big floating rafts on the river. Make sure you check out The Shake’n’Shake, The Freestyler Club, The Leto and The Money Club for your midsummer night club hop! Do note, you can visit one, all or none of the clubs suggested below.

Before diving into the party scene though, break up your partying days with a visit to Ada Ciganlija, a river island that offers fun water activities. Then, add a bit of regal touch to your trip by paying a visit to the House of King Petar I Karađorđević for a more relaxed afternoon before charging into a fun night.

Ada Ciganlija

The Ada Ciganlija, known as Ada, is a river island that is part of a bigger peninsula on the Sava River. Near the tip of this Island is the Ada Safari where people can go fishing. Ada also has recreational facilities for the enjoyment of locals and guests which include tennis, biking, kayaking, sports facilities and a 7 km-long beach along the Sava River which is ideal for swimming.

House of King Petar I Karađorđević

King Petar I Karađorđević (or Peter I of Serbia) was the last King of Serbia who served until 1918. The House of King Petar is considered to be a cultural monument as it was the home where the king opted to live after the war. It is also the place where he spent the last two years of his life. After his death, the house was turned into a museum, which was opened in 2010.

The Money Club

Start off your summer clubbing party at the Money Club. Good hip hop and R&B music play here and it is one of the newest (and coolest) clubs in the city. It also prides itself as the first Summer RnB Club in Belgrade, so you can count on finding great music here.

Leto Belgrade Night Club

For your next club hop, head over to the Leto Night Club. It is an open-air space club that offers a nice view of the rivers and more vintage areas of Belgrade. There is NO entrance fee here, but you are supposed to register your name on the guest list beforehand. It plays house, tech house, funk and disco music, which is ideal for a night of dancing.

Freestyler Club

Don’t miss out on the great party institution in Belgrade known as the Freestyler Club. For more than a decade, it climbed the top of the summer party scene for its modern and high-tech interiors. Go-go dancers are also present here to set the mood right and to encourage people to dance and have a good time. This club is open most days of the week.


For those who love House music and the Rhythm & Blues, this hip river club in Belgrade is the place to be. Reserve a table for Thursday, Friday or Saturday at the Shake’n’Shake. Aside from its cool music, sip refreshing shakes alongside a good view of the Sava and Danube Rivers. Some people chill here for the sunset and to get their pre-game going.

Winter Clubs in Belgrade

Stage Lights

Belgrade is a prime example of a city that never sleeps. True enough, its local party scene does not stop for any weather. In the colder season, you should bundle up and warm yourself up with steaming drinks from the cafes on Knez Mihailova Street. Then, have a hearty dinner at Zavičaj before exploring Belgrade's winter party scene.

Even during the winter months, Belgrade’s party scene is as vibrant as ever. If the summer clubs take their party to the rivers, the winter clubs make their indoor affair just as fun! So no matter when you plan to pay Belgrade a visit, you can fall in love with its nightlife.

Start off at the Freestyler Winter Stage, the winter sister of the popular Freestyler Summer Club. Then, bring your A-game to The Bank, followed by Club Hype and finally, wrap up the party at Mr Stefan Braun!

Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova Street is a picturesque strip where commerce and sight-seeing meld into one. It is a major shopping district in Belgrade and it is lined with restaurants, stores and cafes. The 1-km long street is part of Serbia's Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Great Importance, thus it is actively maintained and kept by the government.

When walking this street, be sure to check out its landmarks, such as the Srpska Kruna Hotel (home of the Belgrade Library), the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Ruski Car, which used to be one of the most luxurious restaurants in Belgrade, and more!


The Zavičaj Restaurant is known for its tasteful offering of Balkan cuisine. Literally meaning Homeland, Zavičaj offers ethno-inspired taste and ambience. It cooks up special dishes that highlight Central and Eastern European food. Zavicaj’s traditional menu is a must-try and is a welcome “pre-game” dinner for those setting their sails towards the winter club extravaganza.

Mr Stefan Braun

Mr Stefan Braun is a club in a league of its own. It is literally elevated above all the others as it sits on the 9th floor and is the only club that is open daily. While here, enjoy their great selection of cocktails and engaging music. At the centre of this club is a bar where guests can get their alcohol fix while dancing all night.

Hype Belgrade Night Club

Hype Club is often hailed as the first luxury club in Belgrade and is located at the Mixer House. It is posh enough that celebrities are known to party here. Since it is exclusive, be sure to make a reservation or put your name on the guestlist beforehand. Parties go down on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays here.

The Bank Club

The Bank Club is one of the first clubs to offer Hip Hop and RnB music. It hosts many DJs from all over the world and is housed in one of the most exclusive areas in the river area. High-class DJs play here and massive events are thrown for the enjoyment of the guests.

Freestyler Winter Stage

The Freestyler rules the summer party scene during the warmer months, so it is no surprise that its winter-ready counterpart is on top of the must-visit list for the party animals during the colder season too. Enjoy nights of great music with beats inspired by 90s music and RnB. On Thursdays, enjoy the IDJTV live party, and on Fridays, the Freestyler Fever party. This place is also open most nights of the week.

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