20 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Savannah, GA

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Lit up colorful historic buildings lining a cobblestone street with lampposts
A picturesque street in historic Savannah, Georgia

Savannah in the state of Georgia is a fascinating city to visit. The area has a rich history, unique culture, and friendly locals. There are also an array of attractions to see, from museums and historical sites to parks and markets. This southern city is also an ideal family getaway location, whether you're planning a weekend trip or a longer vacation.

When exploring the city, you'll find many fun things to do with kids in Savannah, GA. Activities include spotting animals at wildlife reserves, going on a dessert tour, and playing at the Children's museum. If the city sounds like the ideal destination for your next family trip, read on for 20 top kids attractions in Savannah.

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20 Fun Things to Do for Kids in Savannah, GA

Savannah Things to Do Map

Using the map of Savannah things to do, you can explore all the things to do.

See Savannah landmarks on an Old Town Trolley Tour

There are many trolley tours to try in Savannah, but the Old Town Trolley Tour is the most famous. For 30 years, this trolley tour operator has offered the best sightseeing tours of Savannah. If visiting the city with your kids, they’re sure to love seeing Savannah’s landmarks and attractions on an old-fashioned trolley ride!

Spots you’ll see include River Street, City Market, and Forsyth Park, among others. Friendly conductors will also offer in-depth explanations of the places you see, and they’ll even be some kid-friendly trivia and funny stories.

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Visiting the Railroad Museum is one of the fun things to do with kids in Savannah, GA
Going to the Railroad Museum is one of the fun things to do with kids in Savannah, GA

Check out old trains at Georgia State Railroad Museum

The Georgia State Railroad Museum is one of the best railway museums in the United States. Visiting the museum is also one of the fun things for kids to do in Savannah, GA. At the museum you and your kids can learn about the functions that old trains served and can even go inside numerous railway carriages and cars.

Another fun child-friendly activity at the museum is going on a train ride. You can choose from historic steam or diesel locomotive rides, both of which are an exciting and memorable experience, especially for young children.

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Interact with wild animals at Oatland Island Wildlife Center

If your kids love animals, then visiting Oatland Island Wildlife Center is a must. The center features numerous species in large open enclosures. The goal of the wildlife center is to teach visitors about protecting and making a connection with the natural environment.

At the park, creatures to see include wolves, birds of prey, barnyard animals, and bullfrogs. Getting up close with the vast array of wildlife is an ideal way to get your kids interested in nature and protecting animal habitats.

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A small old fort with greenery on top and surrounding and water in front
Visiting Old Fort Jackson is a great day out for kids and adults

Visit Old Fort Jackson

Old Fort Jackson is a National Historic Site and one of the most famous historical sites in Savannah. Taking a trip to this well-known attraction is also one of the best things for families to do in Savannah, GA.

The fort, which is the oldest fort in Georgia, today houses a range of interactive exhibits. You’ll also discover many events and performances to watch here. These shows include daily cannon firings and historical re-enactments.

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Play and learn at the Savannah Children's Museum

The Savannah Children’s Museum, located in Tricentennial Park, is one of the most kid-friendly attractions in Savannah. The museum houses numerous exhibits intended to get children interacting, learning, and having fun.

Things to check out include a fun outdoor playground, reading nook, and exploration maze. There are also certified educators on-site to tell stories and make visiting the museum more fun and educational. If you’re in Savannah with young kids, you have to visit the Savannah Children’s Museum!

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An old fashioned house on a street with trees and American flag in front
A trip to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a must if your kids are Girl Scouts

Explore the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is the birthplace and long-time home of the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. Found in the Juliette Gordon Low Historic District, the house features exhibits on the history of the Girl Scouts and Juliette's life.

Once you’ve explored the museum, stop at the gift shop to buy Girl Scout merchandise, including their famous cookies. Going to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is one of the exciting things to do in Savannah for Kids, especially if you have daughters in the Girl Scouts.

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Learn about Gullah-Geechee culture at Pin Point Heritage Museum

Located a 15-minute drive from downtown Savannah, visiting Pin Point Heritage Museum is an ideal way to escape the bustle of central Savannah. This museum is housed in an old oyster and crab factory and teaches visitors about the Gullah-Geechee People.

The museum has exhibits on Gullah-Geechee culture and the fishing town of Pin Point that they established in the 1890s. There’s also a short film to watch when you arrive that’s sure to get your kids interested in the topic.

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A lake with algae surrounded by greenery trees under a blue sky
Your kids can see a range of creatures at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Search for wildlife at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a 31,000-acre reserve that covers parts of Georgia and South Carolina. The park is home to a vast array of wildlife, and there are numerous trails to follow.

If your kids love animals, then spotting as many creatures as possible in the park is a fun activity to try. Animals you may encounter include alligators, turtles, deer, and various species of birds, from ducks and geese to eagles and ospreys.

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Discover marine creatures at UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium

The UGA (University of Georgia) Marine Education Center and Aquarium features the state’s first saltwater aquarium. When visiting, your kids can check out 16 tanks with various marine animals.

Species to see include crabs, turtles, and whelks. When at the Marine Education Center and Aquarium, you and your family can also walk along nature trails and a saltmarsh boardwalk, visit the Skidaway Learning Garden, and stop for a picnic in the scenic surroundings.

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A small white house with a black and white lighthouse and other buildings next to it.
The Tybee Island Lighthouse is a must-see attraction when on the island

Spend the day on Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a small barrier island close to central Savannah. Taking a day trip to the island is an ideal activity for families that love being outdoors. Tybee Island has scenic sandy beaches along with attractions like a lighthouse, museum, and fort.

When visiting, if it's a nice day, you can relax on the beaches and may even spot dolphins in the water. Another fun idea is to go on a Tybee Island dolphin tour. Your kids will love seeing dolphins, and you’ll also stop at Tybee Island lighthouse and Fort Pulaski.

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Find out about 1920s prohibition at the American Prohibition Museum

The American Prohibition Museum is a fun and interactive museum covering the era of prohibition in the 1920s. While it may not sound like it, this museum is kid-friendly. It features characters, fun displays, and fascinating and informative exhibits.

Your kids are sure to learn a lot of new information while exploring the museum! If thinking about checking it out, getting a skip-the-line ticket for the American Prohibition Museum is highly recommended when visiting with children.

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An old stone gate with a path in front and moss-covered oak trees surrounding it
Wormsloe's vast grounds and moss-covered trees are sure to enchant your kids

Wander around Wormsloe Historic Site

Wormsloe Historic Site is a pretty park in Savannah that’s filled with oak trees and walking trails. It’s a great park to wander around with your kids as there are lots of places for children to explore and you can enjoy the relaxing scenery.

You can also visit the Wormsloe Estate and museum. Notably, the estate building is Savannah’s oldest standing structure. While you can walk around at your own pace, exploring the Wormsloe Historic Site on a guided tour is recommended. Your guide can provide more information on the estate and grounds before you and your kids check out the park together.

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Eat delicious sweet treats at Leopold’s Ice Cream

Chances are, your kids love ice cream! So, taking them to Leopold’s Ice Cream is a must. Leopold’s is an iconic Savannah spot, serving delicious ice cream in a large variety of flavors.

Kid-favorite flavors include chocolate, Tutti Frutti, and cookie dough. Milkshakes, floats, banana splits, and sundaes are also available, and the adults can enjoy flavors like coffee, rum raisin, and pistachio. Getting a scoop or two at Leopold’s Ice Cream is one of the fun things to do in Savannah with kids that you can’t miss out on.

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A water fountain with a path and iron gate in front surrounded by trees
Having a picnic in pretty Forsyth Park is a fun thing to do with your kids

Have a picnic in Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a popular park located in the Savannah Historic District. When in Savannah, exploring this park at least once is a must. When visiting with kids, having a picnic here is a fun idea. For a unique outdoor meal, try the Forsyth Park picnic experience.

With this package, you’ll have a picnic blanket set or small tables set up that will be decorated with pretty flowers and pillows. Plates, cups, and cutlery are also provided. Simply pack your kid-friendly picnic and enjoy the magical al-fresco dining setup.

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Learn about Savannah’s history at the Savannah History Museum

If you and your family want to learn more about Savannah and the state of Georgia, you must make a trip to the Savannah History Museum. What’s best is that the exhibits are entertaining to children of most ages, as well as adults.

Exhibits cover historical, artistic, musical, and cultural parts of Savannah’s identity. Things to see include displays on everything from the Civil War to Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low. You may even see consumed actors performing historical re-enactments.

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A green sign post in front of buildings with a sign that says City Market
City Market has many shops and restaurants serving dishes from Savannah

Try Savannah cuisine at City Market

City Market is an open-air market that covers four blocks. The market has a range of food shops and restaurants to check out. You’ll also find some independent shops selling arts and crafts-type products.

Going around the market and trying some local cuisine is one of the fun family activities in Savannah, GA. This activity is an ideal way to get your kids to try some new and tasty dishes. Having eaten amazing meals, you can visit the market’s art gallery and check out various stores.

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Take a picture with the Waving Girl Statue

The Waving Girl Statue is an iconic Savannah landmark located in Morrell Park on River Street. The statue commemorates Florence Martus, a historical figure who saw ships safely into the harbor. The statue shows Florence waving ships with her dog by her side.

Visiting the statue is a fun activity, and you can get some adorable pictures of your kids next to it. You can visit the statue while exploring the city or spot her on while on a hop-on-hop-off trolley tour of Savannah.

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Splash around in the Ellis Square Fountains

Ellis Square is one of the fun outdoor attractions in Savannah, GA, for kids. The square features a large garden chess set, statues, and water fountains. Playing in the water fountains is a super exciting activity for small children, especially on a hot Savannah day.

Ellis Square is right by City Market, so it's the perfect place to stop after checking out that attraction. You can enjoy snacks purchased at the market while the kids play in the park and water fountains.

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Old buildings on a tree-lined street covered in greenery
The Grave Tales Ghost Tour will take you through the Savannah Historic District

Dare to go on the Grave Tales Ghost Tour

Savannah is known for being one of the US’ most haunted cities, and as such, you’ll find many ghost tutors operating in the area. While some of these are not kid-friendly, taking the Grave Tales Ghost Tour is a perfect choice if your children like spooky stories.

The nighttime tour visits haunted spots in the Savannah Historic District and tales told are always family-friendly. At each stop, you’ll be told of the paranormal activity that occurred there in a lighthearted way that’s still interesting for adults.

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Taste delicious Savannah sweet treats

If you and your kids have a sweet tooth then going on the Southern Flavors Savannah Dessert Tour is a must! The three-hour tour takes you to Savannah’s best dessert locations, with tastings available at every stop.

Treats you’ll all get to sample include cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and more. You’ll also be offered some historical background on landmarks you see as you move between dessert locations. This tour is the ultimate reward for kids who love sweets.

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In Summary

Savannah is a bustling city full of history and culture. It's also a fun place to visit with your family. If in the southern city, make sure to check out these Savannah, Georgia, attractions for kids to ensure the whole family has an amazing vacation!

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