The Perfect 3 Days in Buenos Aires Itinerary Story

By Alli Sewell


The Perfect 3 Days in Buenos Aires Itinerary Story

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, is beloved by tourists for its hospitality, variety of attractions, and vibrant culture. The city... Read more

Day 1

Buenos Aires' Unique Attractions

You’ll begin your 72 hours in Buenos Aires at a museum filled with South American art, the Museo de Arte... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 1

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

The Museum of Latin American Art (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires or MALBA) is the perfect place for... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 2

Pulpería Ña Serapia

This cozy hole in the wall restaurant is the perfect place to stop for a quick snack or a delicious... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 3

Cementerio de la Recoleta

Not many cities can boast that a cemetery is one of their most-visited attractions, but Buenos Aires can! The city... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 4

Floralis Genérica

At the heart of the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas is a steel and aluminum flower sculpture that stuns those... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 5

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Located in the city's Recoleta area, the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) is the most... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 6

Floreria Atlantico

If you’re looking to take a break from a busy day of sightseeing and relax with a good drink, Floreria... Read more

Day 2

Bird watching, Coffee, and a Cathedral

Day two of your three days in Buenos Aires will start at the peaceful Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur. This urban... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 1

Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur

Take a break from Buenos Aires’ bustling city life and noise with a visit to the Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur.... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 2

Puente de la Mujer

Within Puerto Madero features multiple streets with female names, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise the area’s iconic bridge... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 3

Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is a large public square that was initially formed in 1884. It’s the site of important events,... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 4

Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

The Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires or Catedral Primada) is the catholic church’s primary site in Argentina. It... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 5

Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni is a world-famous French-style coffeehouse that has been in Buenos Aires since 1858. Not only is it Argentina’s... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 6

Palacio Barolo

Palacio Barolo is a 22-story building with a unique and exciting design. Those who have read Dante’s Divine Comedy will... Read more

Day 3

A Cultural and Colorful Day in Buenos Aires

The last day of your Buenos Aires trip will begin underground, exploring the tunnel network of El Zanjón de Granados.... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 1

El Zanjón de Granados

El Zanjon de Granados is a fascinating stop on your Buenos Aires itinerary. This 200-year old mansion structure sits atop... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 2

San Telmo

San Telmo is Buenos Aires’s oldest neighborhood. It’s known for its antique shops, storied architecture, and cobblestone streets that have... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 3

La Bombonera

A visit to Estadio Alberto J. Armando, also known as La Bombonera (the chocolate box), is a must during any... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 4

El Caminito

El Caminito is one of Buenos Aires’ most popular attractions thanks to its lively atmosphere. Located in La Boca, this... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 5

Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho is a trendy part of Palermo, along with Palermo Hollywood. This area features Spanish-style buildings plus quirky converted... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 6

Palermo Hollywood

Palermo Hollywood is a sub-district of Palermo-Viejo known for its many dining and drinking options and its trendy atmosphere. The... Read more


In Summary

Buenos Aires is a vibrant and colorful city full of history, culture, and amazing people. If you get the chance... Read more