40 Famous Australian Landmarks to Plan Your Australia Trip Around Story

By Agne Civilyte

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40 Famous Australian Landmarks to Plan Your Australia Trip Around Story

This complete Australia guide covers the 40 most famous Australian landmarks that you must include...

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Landmark 1

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, the Great Barrier Reef is Australia's most breath-taking...

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Landmark 2

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Australia's favourite landmark, Bondi Beach, is about 1 kilometre long and the perfect spot for...

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Landmark 3

Sydney Opera House, Sydney

The Sydney Opera House is a performing arts venue in Sydney, New South Wales. It...

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Landmark 4

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge, also called 'coat hanger' by locals, is one of the most iconic...

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Landmark 5

Paronella Park, Mena Creek

Situated in the tropical part of Queensland, Paronella Park is a human-made castle and park...

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Landmark 6

Uluru Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

One of the world's largest monoliths, Uluru Rock, also known as Ayers Rock, is a...

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Landmark 7

Great Ocean Road, Torquay

The Great Ocean Road, or Surf Coast Highway, is an Australian National Heritage site and...

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Landmark 8

Kakadu National Park, Jabiru

One of the must-see Australian landmarks in the Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is the...

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Landmark 9

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Lord Howe Island is a natural paradise in the Tasman sea. It is well-known for...

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Landmark 10

Shark Bay, Denham

Situated in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, Shark Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage...

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Landmark 11

Port Arthur Historic Site, Port Arthur

Established in 1830 on Tasmania island, Port Arthur used to be a timber station that...

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Landmark 12

Watarrka National Park, Red Centre

Located in the Northern Territory, Watarrka National Park is a protected area of nature. The...

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Landmark 13

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island is one of the natural Australian landmarks that can't be missed on your...

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Landmark 14

Blue Mountains, Katoomba

Considered to be another major landmark in Australia, the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area...

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Landmark 15

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Named Australia's top tourist attraction, Sovereign Hill is an open-air museum that takes you back...

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Landmark 16

Mount Kosciuszko, Thredbo Village

Mount Kosciuszko is 2,228 metres above sea level, making it the highest mountain in mainland...

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Landmark 17

Kuranda Scenic Railway, Kuranda

If you are looking for unusual Australian landmarks, Kuranda Scenic Railway has to be on...

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Landmark 18

The Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes

The Pinnacles Desert is one of the big Australian landmarks that everyone has to visit...

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Landmark 19

Brighton Bathing Boxes, Brighton

The Brighton Bathing Boxes are one of the most popular Australian landmarks in Brighton. The...

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Landmark 20

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne

Flinders Street Railway Station is one of the most famous buildings in Australia. It is...

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Landmark 21

Wunderkammer, Melbourne

Wunderkammer, also known as the Chamber of Wonders and Cabinet of Curiosities, is a shop...

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Landmark 22

Daintree National Park, Cape Tribulation

One of the most famous natural landmarks in Australia, Daintree National Park is the third...

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Landmark 23

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Located about 18 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia, Rottnest Island is one of...

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Landmark 24

Broome Town, Western Australia

Known for the magnificent Cable Beach, aboriginal Broome Town is sometimes overlooked by tourists. This...

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Landmark 25

Karijini National Park, Karijini

Located about 1400 kilometres north of Perth, Karijini National Park (previously known as Hamersley Range...

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Landmark 26

Kimberley Coastline, Kimberley

Kimberley is a large section of land covering an area in Western Australia. Broome Town...

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Landmark 27

Litchfield National Park, Litchfield Park

Located in the Northern Territory, Litchfield National Park is the region's hidden gem and one...

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Landmark 28

Darwin Military Museum, Darwin

The Darwin Military Museum was originally set up as an artillery museum in the mid-1960s...

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Landmark 29

Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory

Named as the 'Island of Smiles', the Tiwi Islands are the best place to learn...

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Landmark 30

Daly Waters Pub, Daly Waters

Located in the middle of nowhere, Daly Waters Pub is an extraordinary outback pub. It...

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Landmark 31

Wineries of Yarra Valley, Yarra Valley

Just an hour away from Melbourne, Yarra Valley is known for its vineyards and picturesque...

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Landmark 32

Glow Worm Tunnel, Lithgow

Located in an old railway (line to Newnes Kerosene Shale Works), this 400-metre-long tunnel is...

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Landmark 33

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

A shrine and a museum, the Australian War Memorial is one of the most important...

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Landmark 34

Parliament House, Canberra

Opened in 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II and located in Canberra, the Australian Parliament House...

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Landmark 35

Horizontal Falls, Talbot Bay

Named as 'one of the greatest natural wonders of the world' by David Attenborough, Horizontal...

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Landmark 36

Undara Lava Tubes, Undara Volcanic National Park

Situated in the south-west of Cairns, Undara Lava Tubes are the largest lava tubes in...

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Landmark 37

Gwalia Ghost Town, Leonora

Situated in Western Australia, Gwalia is a magnificent outback town near Kalgoorlie and Leonora. Once...

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Landmark 38

Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs

Developed by the lovely Miss Olive Pink in the 1950s, Olive Pink Botanic Garden is...

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Landmark 39

Eden Killer Whale Museum, Eden

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Eden Killer Whale Museum tells the story of whaling in...

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Landmark 40

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Whitehaven Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, if not most gorgeous, white-sand beaches...

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In Summary

This list has covered 40 iconic human-made and natural Australia landmarks that can't be missed...

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