Brussels Landmarks - 21 Famous Landmarks in Brussels Story

By Lauren Kendrick


Brussels Landmarks - 21 Famous Landmarks in Brussels Story

While Brussels is famous for waffles and the EU, it is a small but diverse city. The Belgian capital is... Read more

Landmark 1

Grand Place

The Grand Place (or Grote Markt in Flemish) is at the centre of the old town in Brussels. The square... Read more

Landmark 2


The Atomium is a landmark monument and museum at the Heysel Plateau in Brussels north-western suburb of Laeken. Initially, it... Read more

Landmark 3

European Parliament

The European Parliament buildings are central to the running of the European Union. They are responsible for the EU legislation,... Read more

Landmark 4


Situated around the corner from the EU Parliament building, the Parlamentarium is a museum and visitor centre for the EU.... Read more

Landmark 5

Manneken Pis

Perhaps the most famous (and amusing) emblem of Brussels is the Manneken Pis. This tiny statue of a boy peeing... Read more

Landmark 6

Jeanneke Pis

Related to the Manneken Pis, Jeanneke Pis is the Flemish name for the peeing girl statue. Located slightly further from... Read more

Landmark 7

Brussels Town Hall

The City of Brussels Town Hall is arguably the most striking gothic building on Grand Place, dating back to the... Read more

Landmark 8

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

One of the most breath-taking landmarks in Brussels is the Galleries Royals Saint-Hubert. Designed by architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer, this gallery... Read more

Landmark 9

Belgian Comic Strip Center

Brussels is famous for the comic strip art that can be found painted around the city. If you are a... Read more

Landmark 10

Notre Dame du Sablon

Notre Dame du Sablon is a 15th-century gothic church and is widely regarded as one of Belgium's most beautiful churches.... Read more

Landmark 11

Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels is the Belgian King and Queen’s Royal palace, though they choose to live in the... Read more

Landmark 12

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral

Brussels Cathedral was built in the 11th century as a Roman Catholic church after it was requested by the Duke... Read more

Landmark 13

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the fifth largest church in the world – it is 89 meters tall!... Read more

Landmark 14

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts translates to mount of the arts, and it is a famous landmark in Brussels that hosts many... Read more

Landmark 15

Le Botanique

Previously the home of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Le Botanique is today used as the cultural centre for... Read more

Landmark 16

Mini Europe

Mini Europe is one of the cities' top attractions that features all of the iconic landmarks throughout Belgium and Europe... Read more

Landmark 17

Parc du Cinquantenaire

To the east of the European Quarter is the large public Parc du Cinquantenaire. The triumphal arc is an iconic... Read more

Landmark 18

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are a collection of art museums next to the Royal Palace. Between... Read more

Landmark 19

Brussels Park

This stunning park is a slice of heaven within the busy city. Formerly called Parc Royal, Brussels Park was the... Read more

Landmark 20

Brussels City Museum

Brussels City Museum is located on the Grand Place, opposite the town hall in the heart of the old town.... Read more

Landmark 21

La Bourse de Brussels

The old stock exchange building, known as Bourse, is a striking landmark that anyone who enjoys grand, historical buildings will... Read more


In Summary

As you can see, Brussels has something for everyone. It is the perfect city to spend time getting lost in... Read more