Plan Your Tofino Camping Trip Around These 12 Best Tofino Campsites Story

By Alli Sewell

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Plan Your Tofino Camping Trip Around These 12 Best Tofino Campsites Story

Camping is a popular choice for many visitors to Tofino. If planning a Tofino camping...

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Campground 1

Ucluelet Campground

Ucluelet Campground is a beautiful harborfront campsite with scenic ocean and mountain views. The campground...

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Campground 2

Mussel Beach Campground

Mussel Beach is a good choice for those searching for wilderness camping around Tofino. This...

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Campground 3

Wild Pacific Camp

Wild Pacific Camp is an RV-only campsite in Ucluelet. RV sites are fully serviced, and...

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Campground 4

Wya Point Resort Campground

This remote campground will allow you to enjoy the surrounding dark sand beaches and tranquil...

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Campground 5

Surf Junction Campground

If you’re in the Tofino area to surf, Surf Junction Campground is a great place...

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Campground 6

Green Point Campground

Green Point is a national park campground near Tofino. It is located in the beautiful...

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Campground 7

Long Beach Golf Course and Campground

Long Beach Golf Course and Campground is a great family-friendly campsite in the Tofino area...

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Campground 8

Surf Grove Campground

Surf Grove is another fantastic surf-friendly campground located at Cox Bay. This campground offers tenting...

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Campground 9

Crystal Cove Beach Resort

Crystal Cove Beach Resort is a popular family-friendly site for those camping around Tofino. It’s...

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Campground 10

Bella Pacifica Campground

Bella Pacifica is a quiet campground located in a scenic oceanfront wilderness setting. The campground...

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Campground 11

WildPod Glamping

WildPod Glamping is a unique and luxurious campsite in Tofino. Instead of tents, campers will...

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Campground 12

Lone Cone Campground

Lone Cone Campground is an isolated campsite on Meares Island. There's no vehicle access, so...

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In Summary

Tofino is a wonderful place to visit for tourists and locals looking for a great...

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