21 Best Vancouver Hikes - A Vancouver Hiking Guide Story

By Alli Sewell

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21 Best Vancouver Hikes - A Vancouver Hiking Guide Story

Vancouver, British Columbia is an amazing place for hiking. The best Vancouver hikes are within...

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Hike 1

Rice Lake, North Vancouver

The hike at Rice Lake is a short and easy but scenic hike. It takes...

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Hike 2

Sendero Diez Vistas, Anmore

The Sendero Diez Vistas hike is found at the pretty Buntzen Lake. This is a...

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Hike 3

Mount Strachan, West Vancouver

Mount Strachan is located close to Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. It’s one of the...

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Hike 4

Dog Mountain Trail, North Vancouver

The Dog Mountain trail is one of the best hikes near Vancouver, BC. It’s also...

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Hike 5

Eagle Bluffs, West Vancouver

Eagle Bluffs is a relatively gentle hike located in Cypress Provincial Park in West Vancouver...

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Hike 6

Crown Mountain Hike, North Vancouver

Crown Mountain, located in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, is part of the North Shore Mountains...

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Hike 7

Whyte Lake, West Vancouver

The Whyte Lake trail is another easy hike near Vancouver that is located in West...

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Hike 8

Saint Mark’s Summit, West Vancouver

The Saint Mark’s Summit hike is part of the Howe Sound Crest Trail. This hike...

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Hike 9

Pacific Spirit Regional Park, City of Vancouver

Pacific Spirit Regional Park offers some of the best and most popular hiking near Vancouver...

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Hike 10

Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls Trails, North Vancouver

This rugged backcountry hike isn’t very well-known, so you’ll benefit from fewer crowds here. The...

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Hike 11

Maplewood Flats Conservation Area Trail, North Vancouver

This 126-hectare conversation area is made up of mudflats, salt marshes, and upland areas. Having...

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Hike 12

Burnaby Lake Park Trail, Burnaby

The Burnaby Lake Park Trail is an easy and scenic walk that takes you around...

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Hike 13

Goat Mountain, North Vancouver

Goat Mountain is a less well-known option for hiking near Vancouver. However, this intermediate hike...

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Hike 14

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park is a very popular hiking area on the shores of West Vancouver. The...

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Hike 15

The Lions Binkert Trail, North Shore

The Lions are a pair of mountains on the north shore of Vancouver. This hike...

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Hike 16

Admiralty Point, Port Moody

Admiralty Point, in Belcarra Regional Park, is an excellent option for hiking near Vancouver. It's...

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Hike 17

Norvan Falls, Lynn Canyon

The Norvan Falls hike is an epic day hike. This trail takes you along Lynn...

Hike 18

Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

If you’re looking for one of the best hikes to do in Vancouver, then you...

Hike 19

Elsay Lake Trail, North Vancouver

The Elsay Lake Trail is a 15 km hike located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park...

Hike 20

Capilano Pacific Trail, West Vancouver

The Capilano Pacific Trail is another popular hike in Vancouver. The trail is considered easy...

Hike 21

The Grouse Grind/BCMC Trail, North Vancouver

Grouse Mountain is a famous Canadian landmark and a mountain peak located close to Downtown...


In Summary

You can find a vast range of good hikes in Vancouver. From easy, minimal elevation...

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