The 15 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit Story

By Samuel Caesar


The 15 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit Story

Asia is the largest continent in the world, with up to 48 countries in total. It has an impressive mix... Read more

Country 1


Honestly speaking, Mongolia is usually not at the top of the list of must-visit countries in Asia, but this does... Read more

Country 2


If you are trying to make your way through all of the budget friendly countries in Asia, Cambodia could be... Read more

Country 3


In Southeast Asia, one popular holiday destination is Malaysia. With many beautiful beaches, shopping malls and modern cities, national parks,... Read more

Country 4


Indonesia is a country full of islands that bring out the curiosity of every tourist who travels to see them.... Read more

Country 5


Thailand is another country in Asia that is a must-visit. The country attracts millions of travellers from around the world... Read more

Country 6


Pakistan is located in the southern part of Asia. It has the fifth largest population in the world, exceeding over... Read more

Country 7


Nepal is another country in Asia that escapes the bucket list of most travellers, and trying to understand this is... Read more

Country 8


Bangladesh is home to the world's longest beach and the largest mangrove swamp. The country has lots of things to... Read more

Country 9


Laos is another country in Southeast Asia that is still developing its tourism sector. To attract more tourists to the... Read more

Country 10

The Philippines

The Philippines is the perfect country for you to explore when you are looking for beautiful beaches and fantastic diving... Read more

Country 11

Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a country with excellent surfing, beautiful beaches, misty mountains, and incredible wildlife like leopards and... Read more

Country 12


In Asia, there are only a few countries that can offer a certain type of diversity to its visitors. India... Read more

Country 13


Myanmar is another beautiful country in Southeast Asia, full of rich culture, excellent natural tourist sites, and delicious delicacies. Millions... Read more

Country 14


If you are a backpacker, Vietnam is a backpacker's paradise! The country draws in millions of budget travellers each year.... Read more

Country 15


Bhutan is a country known for its exquisite landscapes and fortresses, tasty food, fabulous festivals, ancient temples, and its ethnic... Read more


In Summary

Asia is the place you want to be if you are interested in witnessing some of the earliest architecture and... Read more