The 15 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit Story

By Samuel Caesar

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The 15 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit Story

This article covers the 15 cheapest countries in Asia to visit, even though most are...

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Country 1


Honestly speaking, Mongolia is usually not at the top of the list of must-visit countries...

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Country 2


If you are trying to make your way through all of the budget friendly countries...

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Country 3


In Southeast Asia, one popular holiday destination is Malaysia. With many beautiful beaches, shopping malls...

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Country 4


Indonesia is a country full of islands that bring out the curiosity of every tourist...

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Country 5


Thailand is another country in Asia that is a must-visit. The country attracts millions of...

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Country 6


Pakistan is located in the southern part of Asia. It has the fifth largest population...

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Country 7


Nepal is another country in Asia that escapes the bucket list of most travellers, and...

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Country 8


Bangladesh is home to the world's longest beach and the largest mangrove swamp. The country...

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Country 9


Laos is another country in Southeast Asia that is still developing its tourism sector. To...

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Country 10

The Philippines

The Philippines is the perfect country for you to explore when you are looking for...

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Country 11

Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a country with excellent surfing, beautiful beaches, misty mountains, and...

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Country 12


In Asia, there are only a few countries that can offer a certain type of...

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Country 13


Myanmar is another beautiful country in Southeast Asia, full of rich culture, excellent natural tourist...

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Country 14


If you are a backpacker, Vietnam is a backpacker's paradise! The country draws in millions...

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Country 15


Bhutan is a country known for its exquisite landscapes and fortresses, tasty food, fabulous festivals...

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In Summary

Asia is the place you want to be if you are interested in witnessing some...

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