China Landmarks - 30 Most Famous Landmarks in China Story

By Namira


China Landmarks - 30 Most Famous Landmarks in China Story

Did you know that China is one of the world's most-visited countries? With ancient cities spread across the country, it... Read more

Landmark 1

Great Wall of China, Northern China

The Great Wall of China is a 13,170-mile-long wall and is one of the world's seven wonders. It is also... Read more

Landmark 2

Forbidden City - The Palace Museum, Beijing

The Forbidden City, now called the Palace Museum, has always been an important part of Beijing. Built in 1420 during... Read more

Landmark 3

Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Tiananmen Square, located in the heart of Beijing, is a beautiful city square that separates itself from the Forbidden City.... Read more

Landmark 4

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

This place of worship in Beijing is where the Ming Dynasty's emperors used to hold the Heaven Worship Ceremony, and... Read more

Landmark 5

Summer Palace, Beijing

Located in northwest Beijing, the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan in Chinese) is the most well-preserved garden in the world. Although it's... Read more

Landmark 6

Lama Temple, Beijing

If you enjoy visiting ancient Chinese temples, then you shouldn't miss the Lama Temple when visiting the best landmarks in... Read more

Landmark 7

Beijing Zoo, Beijing

Located in the Xicheng District in Beijing, this zoological park was China's first zoo. The Beijing Zoo has 450 different... Read more

Landmark 8

Houhai, Beijing

Houhai, which means "Back Lakes," is a big artificial lake in Beijing. It used to belong to the royal family... Read more

Landmark 9

Jingshan Park, Beijing

Just north of the Forbidden City in Beijing is another famous landmark in China, Jingshan Park. Jingshan Park (Jingshan Gongyuan)... Read more

Landmark 10

Yu Garden, Shanghai

Yu Garden is considered a must-see attraction in China. Located in Shanghai, it dates back to the Ming Dynasty and... Read more

Landmark 11

The Bund (Waitan), Shanghai

The Bund (or Waitan), located in Shanghai, is a delightful waterfront area with buildings and amazing views of skyscrapers. If... Read more

Landmark 12

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Shanghai is famous for its energy, modern architecture, and bustling energy, and is easily one of the best places to... Read more

Landmark 13

Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai

At 492 meters and 101 stories tall, the Shanghai World Financial Center is the world's 12th tallest building. The tower... Read more

Landmark 14

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai

Established in 1991, this tower in Shanghai creates a visual of twin dragons playing with pearls. The view is truly... Read more

Landmark 15

Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, Xi'an

Considered the 8th wonder of the world by many, this museum, also known as the Terracotta Warriors Museum, is a... Read more

Landmark 16

The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an

The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, also frequently called the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta), is an ancient holy place for... Read more

Landmark 17

Ming Dynasty Tombs, Changping District

Built during the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Tombs is a collection of famous mausoleums from the dynasty. The tombs... Read more

Landmark 18

Jiuzhai Valley National Park, Sichuan

Jiuzhai Valley National Park, or Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve, is a famous tourist attraction in China with a gorgeous natural landscape... Read more

Landmark 19

Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou

Chimelong Paradise, also called Guangzhou Chimelong Holiday Resort, is a park with thrilling roller coasters and rides. It is China's... Read more

Landmark 20

West Lake, Hangzhou

Located in Hangzhou, China, West Lake (Xi Hu) is a popular tourist destination in China surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.... Read more

Landmark 21

Yangtze River, China

The Yangtze River is a well-known natural landmark in China. It is over 6,300 kilometers long, which makes it the... Read more

Landmark 22

Dujiangyan Panda Base, Dujiangyan

Located near Chengdu in the Sichuan province, the Dujiangyan Panda Base is home to Giant pandas and is a must-visit... Read more

Landmark 23

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin

Known also as "the Palace of Natural Arts," the Reed Flute Cave (Ludi Yan) is a popular landmark and tourist... Read more

Landmark 24

Mount Hua, Huayin

Mount Hua is located approximately 120 kilometers from Xi’an and is the westernmost mountain of the Five Great Mountains of... Read more

Landmark 25

Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu

Built to protect, study, and showcase prehistorical items, the Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu is a landmark that many tourists... Read more

Landmark 26

Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan

Standing at 71 meters tall and carved from stone, the Leshan Giant Buddha (Da Fo) is an impressive landmark in... Read more

Landmark 27

Li River, Southern China

If you want to take a nice boat trip, why not visit the Li River? Located in Southern China, the... Read more

Landmark 28

Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie

Heaven’s Gate Mountain, or in Chinese Tianmen Mountain, is a famous landmark in China. The most iconic photo from Tianmen... Read more

Landmark 29

Mount Kailash, Burang County, Tibet

Being one of China's most famous places, Mount Kailash is a revered hiking destination. There are many things to see... Read more

Landmark 30

Potala Palace, Tibet

Once called home by ten former Dalai Lamas for over 317 years, the Potala Palace is a Tibetan tourist favorite.... Read more



Overall, China is an excellent option for planning an eventful vacation. From historical monuments to amusement parks and more, the... Read more