9 Must Do Activities in Cartagena, Colombia Story

By Adam McConnaughhay


9 Must Do Activities in Cartagena, Colombia Story

Cartagena, Colombia, aka Cartagena de Indias, is Colombia's most popular tourist destination. This is hardly surprising considering it has year-round... Read more

Thing to do 1

Explore Historic Downtown

Cartagena is most well known for its colorful, colonial architecture and city walls. This, along with the many ivy-covered balconies,... Read more

Thing to do 2

Check out Getsemaní

Outside the Clocktower's arches, you can cross over to the equally historic district of Getsemaní. Formerly the home of the... Read more

Thing to do 3

Tour San Pedro Claver Church

San Pedro Claver was a Jesuit priest in Cartagena who advocated for the humane treatment of the many slaves imported... Read more

Thing to do 4

Visit the Naval Museum

There are several interesting museums in Cartagena, such as the Palacio de la Inquisición where you can learn about the... Read more

Thing to do 5

Tour Castillo San Felipe

Speaking of military history, no trip to Cartagena is complete without touring the impressive Castillo San Felipe. It is located... Read more

Thing to do 6

Sample an Arepa de Huevo

Colombia, like the rest of Latin America, has a great street food scene. One unique street food to Cartagena is... Read more

Thing to do 7

Spend the Day in the Rosario Islands

Located about a 90-minute boat ride off of Cartagena's coast, the Rosario Islands is an idyllic chain of small coral... Read more

Thing to do 8

Take in the View from Hotel Movich's Rooftop

Hotel Movich, located near Plaza Bolivar inside the Walled City, has unquestionably the prettiest view in Cartagena! Open to the... Read more

Thing to do 9

Enjoy Some Great Seafood

Set on the Caribbean sea, Cartagena, not surprisingly, has some tasty fresh seafood. Ceviches, creamy seafood rices, shrimp al ajillo... Read more



Now you know all there is to know about the 9 activities you can't miss when you plan your visit... Read more