31 Costa Rica Travel Tips to Know Before You Go Story

By Amanda Strube

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31 Costa Rica Travel Tips to Know Before You Go Story

This list of Cost Rica travel tips will make your time in Costa Rica top-notch...

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Travel tip 1

Learn some key Spanish phrases before you go

While many Costa Ricans understand and speak English, Spanish is still their national language. Learning...

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Travel tip 2

Use USD as it's widely accepted

One of the best tips for traveling in Costa Rica is that you can use...

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Travel tip 3

Pack baby wipes

Baby wipes are magical, even if you don't have a baby. They can be used...

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Travel tip 4

Drive defensively if you rent a car

Renting a car is highly recommended; however, there are definitely some things to know before...

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Travel tip 5

Book accommodations prior to arrival

Even if you don't know everything you want to do while visiting Costa Rica, it's...

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Travel tip 6

Get recommendations from people at places you stay

Strike up conversations with everyone! Maybe it's someone you meet who is working or a...

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Travel tip 7

Always keep personal and valuable items locked up

Despite its high safety rating, petty theft is rampant in Costa Rica. However, that can...

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Travel tip 8

It's easy to plan activities as it's dark by 6 pm, every day

Because of where Costa Rica sits on the equator, the number of sunlight hours they...

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Travel tip 9

Most restaurants include a “service charge” at the bottom of a bill

When you dine out in Costa Rica, you don't always have to include a tip...

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Travel tip 10

Costa Rica isn't cheap

Many people tend to think that Costa Rica will be a cheap trip because it's...

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Travel tip 11

Eat where the locals eat

If you're a foodie, pay attention to where all the locals go to eat ...

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Travel tip 12

Bring reef safe sunscreen

The water around Costa Rica has loads of coral reefs teeming with wildlife. The reefs...

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Travel tip 13

Pack a raincoat and "warm" clothes

Although Costa Rica is on the equator and considered tropical, up in the mountains can...

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Travel tip 14

Use Waze to get around Costa Rica

When navigating through Costa Rica, Waze is the best app to use. It gives the...

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Travel tip 15

Throw your toilet paper in the garbage

Most toilets in Costa Rica will urge you to put toilet paper in the garbage...

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Travel tip 16

Tap water is safe to drink

Throughout most of Costa Rica, it's safe to drink water straight from the tap. This...

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Travel tip 17

Brink plenty of water

Drink more water than you normally would; being in the heat and sun all day...

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Travel tip 18

Pack good hiking shoes

When people first think of Costa Rica, they almost always think of the beaches. However...

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Travel tip 19

Power outages are frequent

Similar to other Central American countries, the power outages in Costa Rica happen pretty frequently...

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Travel tip 20

Bring a (copy) of your passport everywhere

You will always want to carry ID on you in Costa Rica; officers are allowed...

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Travel tip 21

Most places accept credit and debit cards

Many places, including small "sodas," will accept credit and debit cards. However, it is certainly...

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Travel tip 22

Bugs are everywhere

There is no getting around it; mosquitoes are everywhere in Costa Rica. There are various...

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Travel tip 23

Travel in the off or rainy season

As mentioned before, Costa Rica is not a cheap vacation. However, you can lessen the...

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Travel tip 24

Get insurance

Getting any type of insurance when traveling is a good idea, especially in Costa Rica...

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Travel tip 25

Public transportation is pretty reliable

Costa Rica has a really good bus system. If you don't want to rent a...

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Travel tip 26

If you're flying into San Jose, make sure it's Costa Rica

The two main airports in Costa Rica are Liberia and San Jose. San Jose is...

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Travel tip 27

Visit Costa Rica's Blue Zone

Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula is known as a Blue Zone, and there are only 5...

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Travel tip 28

Pay for a local guide

Many of us like going on solo adventures and hikes, and while most likely you'll...

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Travel tip 29

Try a Casado

A Casado is a quintessential and traditional Costa Rican meal. You can find them in...

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Travel tip 30

Bring a bandana or mask

Bring a bandana or mask, and this isn't just due to Covid. Costa Rica has...

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Travel tip 31

Respect the locals

The locals in Costa Rica, known as Ticos or Ticas, have a lot of pride...

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In Summary

These are the very best travel tips for Costa Rica. The country is breathtakingly gorgeous...

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