Top 10 Things to Do in Cairo Story

By Nadine Arab


Top 10 Things to Do in Cairo Story

One of the countries that effortlessly makes it on many travelers’ bucket lists is Egypt. Aside from its fantastic weather,... Read more

Thing to do 1

The Great Pyramids of Giza

If every single visitor has to pick one single reason why they pay a visit to Egypt, it’s hands down... Read more

Thing to do 2

Pyramid of Djoser

Who said the three pyramids mentioned above were the only pyramids ever built by the ancient Egyptians? In fact, there... Read more

Thing to do 3

The Egyptian Museum

To complete your history lesson, you need to pay the Egyptian Museum, located in Downtown’s Tahrir Square, a visit. Also... Read more

Thing to do 4

Felucca Ride

Egypt is also iconic for the Nile, the world’s longest river. So, how about a boat ride? It is one... Read more

Thing to do 5

Old Cairo

This part of the city is the oldest remaining part of today’s Cairo. But aside from that, it’s mostly special... Read more

Thing to do 6

Cairo Tower

A trip to Cairo isn't complete without taking in the mesmerizing aerial view of the city. The best viewpoint is... Read more

Thing to do 7

Saladin Citadel

Another important site you need to visit is the Saladin Citadel, a medieval fortress that dates back to 1176 AD.... Read more

Thing to do 8

Al Hussein (Khan El Khalili and Al Moez St.)

The old souq or bazaar in Cairo is commonly known as Khan El Khalili, a place that you simply must... Read more

Thing to do 9

Hiking in Wadi Degla

Care for some adventure travel or some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of busy Cairo? Then, head... Read more

Thing to do 10

Try Egyptian Cuisine

When in Egypt, you need to explore one of the main staples of the culture, the food! Don’t miss embarking... Read more


In Summary

Cairo surely has a lot to offer, and this long list is nothing but the basics for any first-timer to... Read more