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26 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Egypt Worthy of Exploring


26 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Egypt Worthy of Exploring

Introduction - There are many famous attractions and places to visit in Egypt. You can go site seeing, take a stroll, go...

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Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Place to visit 1 - Even though the Mosque of Muhammad Ali is not really part of the ancient world or historic, it is still...

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Montaza Palace and Royal Gardens

Place to visit 2 - Khedive Abbas II built the Montaza Palace and Royal Gardens at the beginning of the 20th century. Khedive was a...

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Al-Azhar Park

Place to visit 3 - Al-Azhar Park is one of the most popular attractions in Egypt, drawing in several tourists each year. It is located...

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Giza Necropolis and Pyramids

Place to visit 4 - The major attraction of Giza Necropolis is the Giza Pyramids. With their incredible size and iconic design, the pyramids continue...

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Khan el-Khalili

Place to visit 5 - Visiting Cairo without making a stop at the Khan el-Khalili is almost impossible. Khan el-Khalili is a popular bazaar established...

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Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Place to visit 6 - Cairo has multiple stunningly designed mosques, but this mosque is one of the most well-known and a must-visit. The Mosque...

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The Temple of Karnak

Place to visit 7 - The Karnak Temple (also known simply as Karnak) is one of Egypt's most famous attractions. It is a massive temple...

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Valley of the Kings

Place to visit 8 - The Valley of the Kings is another one of the major landmarks in Egypt and is known worldwide for its...

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Great Sphinx of Giza

Place to visit 9 - When you are looking for a monument that optimises Egypt's Old Kingdom, you cannot overlook the Sphinx of Giza. The...

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Temple of Kom Ombo (Kom Ombo Temple)

Place to visit 10 - This site is another temple to be added to your list of ancient Egypt landmarks that you should visit. The...


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