Asia Landmarks - 25 Famous Landmarks in Asia Story

By Alli Sewell

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Asia Landmarks - 25 Famous Landmarks in Asia Story

This Asia landmarks list covers the 25 most famous landmarks in Asia to visit, all...

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Landmark 1

The Forbidden City, China

The Forbidden City complex is an impressive monument found in the center of Beijing. The...

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Landmark 2

Mount Everest, China

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth and one of the most famous landmarks...

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Landmark 3

Great Wall of China, China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous landmarks in Asia. The...

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Landmark 4

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China

The Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, also known as Zhangye National Geopark, is a national...


Landmark 5

Ban Gioc Falls, Vietnam

Ban Gioc Falls is located in Cao Bang. This natural landmark in Asia is one...

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Landmark 6

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Located on the North coast of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is one of the most...

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Landmark 7

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a famous Asian landmark found outside of Ho Chi Minh...

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Landmark 8

Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra in Northern India. It is...

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Landmark 9

Jingmaham Living Root Bridge, India

Most people are used to seeing bridges made with materials like steel, but in Mawlynnong...

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Landmark 10

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the former capital city of the Khmer Empire and today...

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Landmark 11

The Silver Pagoda, Cambodia

Located in the Royal Palace in Cambodia, the Silver Pagoda is a striking structure with...

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Landmark 12

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

To make the most of Indonesia's natural beauty, a visit to Komodo National Park is...

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Landmark 13

Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple is a Mahayana Buddhist temple found in Borobudur, Magelang Regency in Central Java...

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Landmark 14

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, standing at 3,776 meters tall. This world-renowned...

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Landmark 15

Fushimi Inari-Taisha, Japan

Another famous landmark in Asia that is a must-visit is Fushimi Inari-Taisha. Located in Kyoto...

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Landmark 16

Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Thailand

At 800 feet tall and 1,500 feet wide, Thi Lo Su Waterfall is the largest...

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Landmark 17

The Grand Palace, Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand...

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Landmark 18

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is an ancient city found in the Mandalay area of Myanmar. This area draws...

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Landmark 19

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

The Petronas Twin Towers are among the tallest buildings in the world and stand in...

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Landmark 20

The Chocolate Hills, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills is another amazing natural landmark in Asia. Found in the Bohol province...

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Landmark 21

Jeju Volcanic Island, South Korea

Jeju Volcanic Island is a popular triple crown UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Korea...

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Landmark 22

Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This Dubai landmark is notable...

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Landmark 23

Kuwait Towers, Kuwait

The Kuwait Towers are among the most famous Asian buildings globally, making them a top...

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Landmark 24

Petra, Jordan

Petra is a famous historical landmark in Asia located in Wadi Musa, Jordan. It is...

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Landmark 25

St. Basil's Cathedral, Russia

St Basil's Cathedral is the most well-known church in Russia. This beautiful and colorful Orthodox...

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In Conclusion

Being the world’s largest continent, Asia is home to a vast array of famous landmarks...

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