4 Days in Paris Itinerary - The City of Lights Story

By Amanda Strube


4 Days in Paris Itinerary - The City of Lights Story

This 4 days in Paris Itinerary is designed to pack in a lot of fun in a short amount of... Read more

Day 1

Paris Classics - Churches, Museums & Monuments

Paris is famous for its museums. It is home to some of the world's most well-known artworks, including the Mona... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 1

Notre Dame

Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the most iconic and prominent buildings in Paris. Originally built between 1163-1345, Notre-Dame receives more... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 2

Sainte Chapelle

The Sainte Chapelle is renowned for its massive stained-glass windows. There are 15 in total, and just like the ones... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 3

Louvre Museum & Pyramid Entrance

The Louvre Museum is considered by many to be the world's greatest art museum. It is also one of the... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 4

Carrousel du Louvre

Carrousel du Louvre is a beautiful underground shopping mall with 36 shops and nine restaurants. It is open every day... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 5

Pont Alexandre lll Bridge

Deemed by many people to be the most beautiful bridge in Paris, the Pont Alexandre III Bridge was built in... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 6


Another infamous shopping must-see for 4 days in Paris is the Champs-Élysées. Also known as "the world's most beautiful avenue",... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 7

Arc de Triomphe

At the western end of Champs-Élysées is the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe is also the end of... Read more

Day 2

Thrills and Chills

Paris has a side that you might not know about, a side that is a little creepy and otherworldly. So... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 1

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is probably one of the most visited graveyards in the world. It is the final resting place... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 2

Paris Catacombs

The catacombs under Paris hold the remains of more than 6 million men, women and children. They were built to... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 3

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most recognisable symbol of Paris. Constructed in 1889, it was built as the entrance... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 4

Parc du Champ de Mars

End your day at the Parc du Champ de Mars - a large outdoor green park in Paris that is... Read more

Day 3

Outdoor Attractions

Paris is a beautiful city full of stunning areas that offer magnificent views of the city, like anywhere along the... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 1

Seine River Cruise

The Seine River is 483 miles long and is one of the busiest rivers in France. The river divides Paris... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 2

Luxembourg Gardens and Palace

The Luxembourg Gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris and is spread over 55 acres of land.... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 3

Montmartre Hill & Village

Montmartre is a hill in Paris that offers breath-taking, panoramic views of the city. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart,... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 4

Moulin Rouge Cabaret

The infamous Moulin Rouge. This cabaret is memorable and best known for introducing the "can-can" dance to the world. It... Read more

Day 4

Day Trip to Versailles & Wine Tasting

It's a sin to have four days in Paris and not pay your respects to Versailles Palace, its gardens and... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 1

Breakfast at Claus

Claus restaurant serves freshly-made, delicious breakfast varieties throughout the day, every day of the week. It was actually the first... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 2


The Palace of Versailles is a massive and extravagant 17th-century structure that was home to France's monarchs until the French... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 3

Wine Tasting

Now that you have spent a significant amount of time venturing around Versailles, you should relax with a drink in... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 4

Dinner in Le Marais

What better way to end your trip in Paris than by having dinner in the fashionable locality of Le Marais.... Read more


The Take Away

If this 4 Days in Paris Itinerary has not given you enough reasons to fall in love with Paris, then... Read more