Do You Know These 50 Fun Facts About Paris France? Story

By Alli Sewell

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Do You Know These 50 Fun Facts About Paris France? Story

Paris has an interesting past and present, and there are a range of fun facts...

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Fact 1

Paris is one of the most-visited cities in the world

A trip to Paris is on almost everyone’s bucket list. This fact results in it...

Fact 2

Many tourists experience Paris Syndrome

Due to the many depictions of Paris in the media, which aren't 100% accurate, some...

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Fact 3

Paris is often called La Ville Lumière, the City of Light

This interesting fact about Paris is known to many, but only a few people know...

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Fact 4

The city was previously called Lutetia

One of the interesting historical facts about Paris is that it wasn’t always called Paris...

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Fact 5

The Eiffel Tower was very unpopular when it was built

This fascinating fact about Paris is a surprise to many. While it’s one of the...

Fact 6

There are 1,665 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower

To get from the esplanade to the very top of the Eiffel Tower, you'd have...

Fact 7

It’s illegal to distribute images of the Eiffel Tower at night

Knowing this crazy fact about Paris could save you some trouble! Under French Law, art...

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Fact 8

When the Eiffel Tower needs repainting, it’s done by hand

Another of the many cool facts about Paris, France, and the Eiffel Tower is that...

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Fact 9

The Eiffel Tower was almost destroyed during WWII

Just before the liberation of Paris in August 1944, Hitler ordered the destruction of the...

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Fact 10

There are over 40,000 restaurants in Paris

This fact about Paris food and dining will not be surprising to those that visit...

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Fact 11

The Bloody Mary was invented in Paris in 1921

This classic cocktail of tomato juice, vodka, Worcester sauce, lemon juice, and seasoning was created...

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Fact 12

There is a law about the exact recipe for baguettes

Want to sell baguettes in Paris? They must meet the Décret Pain put in place...

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Fact 13

Paris has an annual competition to find the city’s best baguette

Baguettes and Paris go hand in hand. Along with the previously mentioned baguette law, Paris...

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Fact 14

The city has the largest wholesale food market in the world

Along with a vast selection of restaurants, this city of haute cuisine has the largest...

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Fact 15

Notre Dame Cathedral is Paris’ most-visited landmark

Notre Dame Cathedral is the most-visited attraction in Paris. The 800-year-old world-renowned cathedral receives 12...

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Fact 16

Disneyland is Paris’ second most-visited attraction

Many assume the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Arc de Triomphe would be the...

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Fact 17

Notre Dame’s largest bell is called Emmanuel

One of many super fun facts on Paris, France, is that Notre Dame’s main bell...

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Fact 18

All distances in Paris are measured from the Notre Dame

There are many little known facts about Paris, with this being just one of them...

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Fact 19

The Arc de Triomphe took 30 years to complete

The Arc de Triomphe is an incredibly famous Parisian landmark. But what many people don’t...

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Fact 20

Pont Neuf is actually the oldest bridge in Paris

Thirty-seven bridges cross the Seine at various points, and Pont Neuf is the oldest of...

Fact 21

There are more dogs in Paris than children

Parisians love their dogs! So much so that there are more dogs than children living...

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Fact 22

Paris is home to the world's most famous cabaret

Burlesque and cabaret clubs have been a part of Paris’ history for centuries. Many are...

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Fact 23

It was illegal for Parisian women to wear pants until 2012

A Parisian fashion law imposed in 1800 stated that women couldn't wear trousers unless they...

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Fact 24

You can visit the prison that held Marie Antoinette

The Conciergerie on Île de la Cité was built to house the French Royal Family...

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Fact 25

The first photograph of people was taken in Paris

When you visit Paris, you’ll undoubtedly take lots of pictures of yourself and fellow tourists...

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Fact 26

The Mona Lisa is the most viewed artwork in the world

This world-famous portrait of a beautiful young woman painted by Leonardo da Vinci sits in...

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Fact 27

The Louvre is the most-visited museum in the world

Housing the most-visited artwork in the world helps make the Louvre the world's most-visited museum...

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Fact 28

The public can only view a fraction of the artworks at the Louvre

Another of the many fascinating Paris art facts is that visitors to the Louvre can...

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Fact 29

Paris has been home to the world’s greatest artists

Paris is a place full of art and culture and, as such, has been home...

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Fact 30

There are millions of human remains under Paris’ streets

In the 1800s, cemeteries began overflowing to a point where bodies were becoming unburied. The...

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Fact 31

The Catacombs hold secret worlds

While many are surprised to learn of the existence of the Catacombs, what’s even more...

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Fact 32

Paris has one of the highest costs of living in the world

This key fact about Paris won’t be welcome to anyone hoping to move to the...

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Fact 33

You can see the Statue of Liberty in Paris

The Statue of Liberty in New York was given as a gift to the United...

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Fact 34

Paris has the least number of stop signs of any city

Despite many cars being driven in Paris, there are no stop signs. There was one...

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Fact 35

The French Army still uses carrier pigeons bred in Paris

Carrier (homing) pigeons have famously been used in the past, including during WWI and WWII...

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Fact 36

There are multiple installations relating to romance around the city

The most famous of these was the Love Locks installation on Pont des Arts. Millions...

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Fact 37

Paris is home to the world’s most-visited cemetery

This is one of many Paris culture facts that are interesting to know. Père Lachaise...

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Fact 38

A Parisian man invited strangers to dinner every week for 30 years

Although American by birth, Jim Haynes lived in Paris for over 50 years. What makes...

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Fact 39

Paris is a city of innovation that gave us many inventions

Paris has been drawing intellectuals, innovators, and creators for centuries. Due to this, several inventions...

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Fact 40

Tom Cruise wasn’t allowed to become an honorary citizen of Paris

This little known fact about Paris came about when the actor applied for honorary citizenship...

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Fact 41

The biggest celebration in the city is held on Bastille Day

While there are many events, celebrations, and festivals in Paris, the largest, without a doubt...

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Fact 42

Paris apartments may be hiding some expensive secrets

This unique fact about Paris shows that you never know what’s hiding in this historical...

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Fact 43

The city has one of Europe’s busiest underground transport systems

Paris' Métro underground transport system is quite famous, with Métro signs being recognizable across the...

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Fact 44

Paris has many abandoned metro stations

Along with being one of the busiest metro systems in the world, Paris is home...

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Fact 45

The city has very few skyscrapers

Unlike many North American cities, Paris has few tall buildings. This is because the government...

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Fact 46

In the summer, you can go to the beach in Central Paris

During July and August, the city puts sand onto the banks of the Seine, making...

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Fact 47

The city has over 6,000 streets

When visiting Paris, make sure you have a good map as you could very easily...

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Fact 48

Paris does not have the world's biggest French-speaking population

This random fact about Paris is unexpected and not known to many. Being the largest...

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Fact 49

The Arrondissements have names as well as numbers

Most people know about Paris’ numbered arrondissements, with many simply referring to them by their...

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Fact 50

Paris is home to one of the world’s richest football clubs

The Paris football (soccer) team, Paris Saint-Germain, is one of the top ten richest clubs...

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In Summary

Paris is a place packed full of culture, history, art, unique sites, and incredible cuisine...

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