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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Athens You Should Not Miss


Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Athens You Should Not Miss

Introduction - Athens is a Mediterranean city with a mix of ancient and modern architecture. Check the following famous Athens attractions to...

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Attraction 1 - Leave the ancient world behind and pay a visit to another cute neighbourhood, Kolonaki. The streets are steep, so make...

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Plaka and Anafiotika

Attraction 2 - The best way to reach the Acropolis is to head to the beautiful Plaka and Anafiotika neighbourhoods. Be careful -...

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The Acropolis of Athens

Attraction 3 - If it's your first time in Athens, then the Acropolis of Athens is a must-see, even if you're traveling Greece...

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Attraction 4 - If you want to marvel at the best views, then Areopagus is the place to finish your first day in...

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Ancient and Roman Agora

Attraction 5 - As you are walking towards the city centre, you will pass by the Ancient Agora. This ancient archaeological site was...

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Acropolis Museum

Attraction 6 - While everything is still fresh in your memory, head over to the Acropolis Museum, the museum displays various pieces of...

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Attraction 7 - As you continue your historic journey to the Acropolis, you will find Propylaea. This European landmark is a set of...

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Attraction 8 - The Erechtheion is a site in the northern part of the Acropolis. It’s very popular for the six maidens that...

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Attraction 9 - During your 2 days in Athens, make sure to not miss out on the Parthenon, one of the most famous...

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Temple of Athena Nike

Attraction 10 - This temple is the smallest on the Acropolis and is located at the edge of a high cliff at the...


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