A Tour of the Thermal Baths in Budapest Story

By Nat Bolet


A Tour of the Thermal Baths in Budapest Story

One of the things Hungary is most known for is its thermal baths, which shouldn’t be surprising! There are over... Read more

Thermal bath 1


Starting on the Pest side of the city, we have the main European tourist attraction in town: Szhéneyi thermal baths.... Read more

Thermal bath 2


Crossing the river and moving to the Buda side, we have one of the biggest and most famous thermal baths... Read more

Thermal bath 3


Rudas thermal baths are located on the Buda side of the city. They were built during the XVI century and... Read more

Thermal bath 4


On the Buda side, there is another set of baths called Lukács. These are the oldest baths in Budapest and... Read more

Thermal bath 5


Dating from the second half of the XVI century, Kiraly baths were built during Roman times. It has an octagonal... Read more


In Summary,

I have only mentioned 5 of the main baths in Budapest above. There are many more to explore and visit... Read more