6 Days in Iceland Itinerary - Reykjavik and the South Coast Story

By Imani Adeyemo


6 Days in Iceland Itinerary - Reykjavik and the South Coast Story

Iceland is an amazing country with a vast and varying landscape that begs to be explored. From enormous lava fields... Read more

Day 1

Explore Reykjavik

After arriving and settling into Reykjavik, you’ll want to explore the best of what Iceland’s capital city has to offer.... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 1

Admire the View from Hallgrímskirkja Church

Head to Hallgrímskirkja, a modern church and probably the most recognisable landmark of the city. It features an unusually narrow... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 2

Discover Reykjavik’s Street Art Scene

Reykjavik's city centre may be small, but it is thriving with creativity. There is a big street art scene in... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 3

Hunt for the Elusive Northern Lights

One of the most amazing things to do in Iceland is hunting for the Aurora Borealis. It’s worth noting that... Read more

Day 2

Tour Iceland’s Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a collection of natural wonders around Iceland's Ring Road. It is one of the best things... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 1

Visit Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park, located just a short drive out of Reykjavik, is a place of significant interest in Iceland for... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 2

Get Your Mind Blown by Strokkur Geyser

Next, head to the Geysir Geothermal Area to witness more of nature’s theatrics. The park is named after Geysir, the... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 3

See the Stunning Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss Waterfall is the next big stop on the Golden Circle route. The name Gullfoss translates to ‘Golden Waterfall’. It... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 4

Check Out Reykjavik’s Nightlife

Spend an evening in Downtown Reykjavik to experience the nightlife in one of the many bars around Laugavegur. In the... Read more

Day 3

Dip into the Blue Lagoon & See Icelandic Horses

Your third day in Reykjavik is reserved for two iconic sights in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon and Icelandic horses. First,... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 1

Soak off Stress in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is an iconic spot in Iceland, and for good reason. Although it is not one of Iceland’s... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 2

Visit an Icelandic Horse Farm

Icelandic horses are a unique breed that has a short and stout stature, fluffy coats and pretty (often blonde) manes... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 3

Try Your Luck Again with the Northern Lights

As mentioned above, the lights are very unpredictable. You can have completely clear skies and not see them, or get... Read more

Day 4

Do Some More Sightseeing on Your Last Day in Reykjavik

Before you head off to explore the waterfalls and glaciers of Iceland’s South Coast, spend one last day in Reykjavik... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 1

Visit the Old Harbour & the Sun Voyager

Take a stroll along Iceland’s harbourfront in the shadow of snow-topped mountains to admire the old yellow lighthouses and cairns... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 2

Admire the Architecture of the Harpa Concert Hall

Another must-see in Reykjavik is the Harpa Concert Hall. More than just an events venue, it has a striking architectural... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 3

Warm-up with Lunch at Svarta Kaffid

After doing some souvenir shopping and exploring all the shops along Laugavegur (a very long shopping street running through the... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 4

Walk Along Rainbow Road

Next, go walking on rainbows at Skólavörðustígur, a colourful street opposite to Hallgrímskirkja. This street is hand-painted by locals in... Read more

Day 5

Chase Waterfalls on the South Coast

Now that you’ve seen Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, it’s time to take a road trip to Iceland’s South Coast... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 1

Walk Behind the Veil of Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls, known for the unique feature of being able to walk behind it.... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 2

Get Soaked at Skógafoss

The next stop is Skógafoss - an impressive, tall waterfall with a mighty force. There is nothing stopping you from... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 3

Visit Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

The last stop of the day is Iceland’s most famous black sand beach along the Reynisfjara coastline, near the picturesque... Read more

Day 6

Head on Icy Adventures in Vatnajökull National Park

Spend your last day in Vatnajökull National Park, along the South Coast. It is home to Vatnajökull - Europe’s largest... Read more

Day 6 - Stop 1

Visit Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Jökulsárlón is a lagoon created by Breiðamerkurjökull, a part of the larger Vatnajökull Glacier, which recedes and breaks off large... Read more

Day 6 - Stop 2

Find Your Sparkle at Diamond Beach

Nearby, you’ll find Diamond Beach, a black sand beach that is often covered in glacier pieces that sparkle in the... Read more

Day 6 - Stop 3

Go Ice Caving in Vatnajökull Glacier

Saving the best for last, explore a natural ice cave inside the glacier. This is a bucket-list-worthy experience and one... Read more


In Conclusion

There are plenty of epic adventures to be had in Reykjavik and Iceland’s South Coast, including hot springs, geysers, waterfalls... Read more