2 Days in Milan Itinerary Story

By Esme May


2 Days in Milan Itinerary Story

Over two days, we will guide you through all of Milan's best sights; including the Duomo, the Santa Marie Delle... Read more

Day 1

Welcome to Milan!

Your First Day in Milan, Italy. Get ready for a lot of walking because it’s time to take in the... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 1

Start your journey right with a free walking tour!

Begin your day with a free walking tour to fill you with history, local knowledge, and inspiration for the days... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 2

Breakfast Break at Corso Como 10

After all that walking, you are sure to have worked up an appetite. Luckily Milan Historical Center is packed with... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 3

Grab an espresso (but don't ask for one!)

I lived in Venice for three months working in a tourist cafe as a barista. Only being a barista consists... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 4

Duomo di Milano (The Famous Milan Cathedral)

The Duomo di Milano is an unmissable centrepiece to Milan’s sprawling and beautiful architecture. It is also a fabulous starting... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 5

Milan's Most Famous Shopping Arcade: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Located only a one-minute walk from the Duomo lies Italy’s oldest active shopping mall. This area now homes a collection... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 6

Piazza de La Scala: Milan's Meeting Point

Located a 5-minute walk from Galleria Vittorio, is the beautiful Piazza de La Scala. This giant pedestrian square is one... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 7

Teatro Alla Scala

Located on one side of the Piazza, the Teatro Alla Scala is a remarkable dedication to art. It is home... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 8

The Merchant's Square

The Piazza Mercanti is a 5-minute walk from the Teatro and Piazza Alla Scala. The 'Merchant's Square' is touted as... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 9

Lunchtime at Ristorante Al Mercante!

By this point, you are probably starving! I know when I lived in Italy, all I wanted to do was... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 10

Sforza Castle

The Castello Sforzesco is a ten-minute walk down Via Dante. It’s impossible to miss. You can see the looming castle... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 11

Afternoon tea to go from Pasticceria Ranieri!

Grab a pastry and a second coffee from the delightful Pasticceria Ranieri to take into your next stop. Indulging in... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 12

Sempione Park

Next on our itinerary is the Parco Sempione. Walkthrough the Castello to find the green oasis that is the Sempione... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 13

It's Aperitivo Time at Bulgari Hotel!

By this point, you are comfortably in Aperitivo territory. Aperitivos are the pre-meal drink that is designed to whet the... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 14

The Fashion District

From the Bulgari hotel, the Fashion District or 'Quadrilatero Della Moda' is a 7-minute walk. This area is dubbed the... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 15

Yum! It's Dinnertime at Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

It’' time for food! Italians (and Europeans in general) tend to dine later than Americans or Australians; this can be... Read more

Day 2

Day Two in Milan

Welcome to Day Two in Milan! After exploring the Brera district, it is time to see the famous Last Supper,... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 1

Breakfast at Panificio Maria Marinoni

Begin your day at Panificio Maria Marinoni, a thriving cafe located near Sempione Park. With all goods baked daily through... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 2

But first.... Coffee at Pasticceria San Carlo!

Walk ten minutes away from Sempione Park, and you will find yourself at the world-famous Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Before... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 3

The Santa Maria Delle Grazie and The Last Supper

The Santa Maria Delle Grazie is the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s mural The Last Supper. Arguably, this painting is... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 4

Basilica Sant'Ambrogio

Another 10-minute walk from the Santa Maria Church is the Basilica Sant’Ambrogio. Saint Ambrose is Milan’s patron saint, and the... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 5

Pinocateca Ambrosiana

A five-minute walk from the Basilica is the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. Founded in 1618 by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, this gallery includes... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 6

Lunch Time at Cavoli a Merenda

Travel 10 minutes back toward the Santa Maria Church for a fabulous lunch. We recommend heading to Cavoli a Merenda... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 7

Pinacoteca di Brera

From the cafe strip surrounding Santa Maria, it is a 20-minute walk across Sempione Park to get to our next... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 8

Chiesa del Carmine

Just five minutes on from the Brera Galley is the magnificent Santa Maria del Carmine Church. By now, religious iconography... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 9

Treat Yourself to Some Gelato at La Strega Nocciola

Is it really a visit to Italy if you don’t eat your weight in gelato? You won’t struggle for choice... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 10

Monumental Cemetery

A cemetery might sound like a morbid addition to this list. However, these tombs in Milan offer a snapshot of... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 11

The Naviglio District

The Naviglio district is located a short train ride away from Brera. Take the Line 2 Tram from the Duomo... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 12

Take a Canal Ride

What better way to relax and see the neighbourhood than from the water? You can either take a gondola or... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 13

Aperitivo Time at Rita

You know the drill. Pick one of the many beautiful patios along Naviglio’s central canal and breath in the Italian... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 14

Dinner at Taglio

With your tummy rumbling and your appetite whetted by your pre-dinner drink, it’s time for dinner! There will be a... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 15

After Dinner Drinks at La Viniera

If you still have energy, Navigli has a thriving nightlife. It is especially popular with students and artists. The cosmopolitan... Read more


In Summary

You've now seen the best and brightest that Milan has to offer. From ancient graveyards to epic monuments and breathtaking... Read more