5 Days in Sicily Itinerary Story

By Esme May


5 Days in Sicily Itinerary Story

Welcome to Sicily; the home of UNESCO heritage sites, crystal clear waters, and active volcanoes. 5 days in Sicily is... Read more

Day 1


Arriving in one of the prettiest cities in Italy, prepare yourself for a foray up a volcano, and a visit... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 1

Get off to an explosive start at Mount Etna!

From Piazza Papa Giovanni (the Catania Central Station) you can take an AST company bus to the cableway/ jeeps starting... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 2

Piazza del Duomo

Located in the city centre, the Piazza del Duomo is packed with historical buildings and interesting sights. For example, the... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 3

Parco Archeologico Greco Romano di Catania

The Roman Amphitheater of Catania, built in the 4th century, is an 8-minute walk from the Piazza del Duomo. This... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 4

Teatro Massimo Bellini

Heading back to Catania city centre, head to the Piazza Massimo Bellini for some stunningly baroque and romantic architecture. Look... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 5

Dinner at Uzeta Bistro Siciliano

When in Sicily, you have to try Mediterranean seafood. Fresh prawns, bass plucked from the bay, and delicious scallops will... Read more

Day 2

Taormina and Messina

From Catania, head North to Taormina. For this, we recommend renting a car to explore and immerse yourself in Island... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 1

Explore the Town of Taormina

First, explore the beautiful town of Taormina. Taormina is not a large town and should not take more than 2... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 2

Visit the Ancient Amphitheatre (Teatro Antico di Taormina)

Italy is blessed with archaeological ruins and history abound, and the Island of Sicily is no exception. It contains one... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 3

Isola Bella

Just 20 minutes from Taormina is the small peninsula Island of Isola Bella. This spur of white sand and rock... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 4

Head to Messina

Just 40 minutes onwards from Taormina is the city of Messina. This city once served as a Greek gateway in... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 5

Temple Christ the King

Walk up the hill to the Temple Christ the King. This walk should take around 40 minutes, taking you through... Read more

Day 3

Isola di Salina

Located just 2 hours by ferry from Messina, the Isola di Salina is the second-largest island in the Aeolian archipelago.... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 1

Take the Ferry to Isola di Salina

From Milazzo on the Northern tip of Sicily, you can take the early morning ferry (8.00 am) across to Isola... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 2

Faro Di Punta Lingua

A 10-minute drive on from the port down the south side of the island is the lighthouse of Lingua. The... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 3

Balneabile di Pollara

This next stop can be reached by car in a 25-minute drive. As featured in the biographic film, Il Postino,... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 4

Dine In Style at La Pinnata del Monsu

A ten-minute backtrack to Malfa will take you to the restaurant La Pinnata del Monsu near the coast. I cannot... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 5

Grab a sunset drink at Maracaibo Bar

What better way to finish off a sun-soaked day than with a cold chardonnay watching the sunset over a bay?... Read more

Day 4

Cefalù and Palermo

Cefalù and Palermo are beautiful towns located on the Western edge of Sicily and are a must-see when travelling Sicily... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 1

Explore Cefalu from the Norman Castle

Make sure you put on comfortable shoes for this activity! Begin as early as you can to skip out on... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 2

Lunch at Al Faro

Walk along the seafront Medieval walk (which featured in the movie Cinema Paradiso!) to find the Cefalu lighthouse. Right at... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 3

Explore the markets of Palermo

The markets of Palermo are filled with a kaleidoscope of colour and smells. Head here for an afternoon snack and... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 4

Take a walking tour through the historical sites of Palermo

From the market, walk 15 minutes toward the Norman Palace. Palermo is the ideal co-existence of Arab and Norman art... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 5

Wine, dine and listen to live music at the I Candelai

Located off Via Dei Candelai, I Candelai is a cultural hotspot. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to the live... Read more

Day 5

Trip to Corleone

Godfather fans will be pricking up their ears at the name. Corleone is a one hour drive out of Palermo... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 1


Monreale, located on the Southern outskirts of Palermo, is an unassuming hillside town and is the lucky home of the... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 2

Stop off in Piana Degli Albanesi

Half an hour onwards is the commune La Piana, which is a small mountain village famous for its cannoli and... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 3

CIDMA (The Mafia Museum), Corleone

Three-quarters of an hour later you will arrive in Corleone. Give yourself a minute to banish the images of Marlon... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 4

The Ficuzza Wood

Corleone lies in the Ficuzza Wood natural park which stretches over seventeen thousand acres. Begin a walk at the Royal... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 5

Stuff yourself silly on Pizza at Frida’s

After a long jam-packed five days in Sicily, you must be about ready to drop! Take a deep breath and... Read more


Closing Thoughts

Sicily offers a world of escapes. From beaches to mountains to ruins to woodlands, Sicily has it all. A roadtrip... Read more