Jordan 1 Week Itinerary Story

By Preeti Mehta


Jordan 1 Week Itinerary Story

World-renowned archaeological sites, amazing desert scenery, delicious fresh food, friendly culture and lots of sunshine; these are just a few... Read more

Day 1

Explore Amman

Jordan is a small country, but it has a lot to see. Being home to some of the most well-preserved... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 1

The Citadel

Start the day by visiting the Citadel, perched on top of the highest hill in Amman. It is one of... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 2

The Roman Theatre

After you finish exploring the Amman Citadel, walk downhill for about 10 minutes to reach the Roman Theatre. Dating back... Read more

Day 1 - Stop 3

Rainbow Street

Perched atop Jebel Amman, this is the most happening street in the city and a must-visit for all visitors. It... Read more

Day 2

Discover the Ancient City of Jerash

On the second day, take a day trip from Amman to Jerash – an ancient city with the best-preserved ruins... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 1


This is undoubtedly the best place to explore for archeology buffs. These Roman ruins of an entire city are the... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 2

Al Ma’wa Sanctuary

While visiting Jerash from Amman, visit the Al Ma’wa Nature & Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a great place to visit... Read more

Day 2 - Stop 3

King Abdullah Mosque

One of the most important places of religious interest in the country, the King Abdullah Mosque was built by late... Read more

Day 3

Dead Sea, Mabada & Mount Nebo

Make the most of the time in Amman by taking another day trip to the Dead Sea. Float on the... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 1


On this day, we will head out from Amman to the 5th largest city in the country called Madaba. Madaba... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 2

Mount Nebo

After Madaba, head to Mount Nebo, the summit from where Moses saw the Promised Land. Located halfway between the Dead... Read more

Day 3 - Stop 3

Dead Sea

The saltiest water body in the entire world, the Dead Sea gets its name as no living beings are able... Read more

Day 4

Wadi Mujib & The King’s Highway

Today, we will leave the beautiful city of Amman behind and head south towards Petra. This route will take you... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 1

The King’s Highway

As we bid goodbye to historic Amman, we will start heading south to reach Petra by the end of the... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 2

Wadi Mujib

Heading further south, the King’s Highway twists down into Wadi Mujib. This is a 1300 meter deep gorge which is... Read more

Day 4 - Stop 3

Petra by Night tour

We’ll stay in Wadi Musa for two nights while exploring one of the new Wonders of the World – Petra.... Read more

Day 5

Explore Petra

One of the main reasons for which tourists flock to Jordan is to see the magnificent ancient sandstone city of... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 1

The Siq and the Treasury

The entrance to the ruins being at Siq, a narrow one mile-long gorge that is carved from orange and pink... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 2

The Colonnaded Street

Walking along the main path, you will then reach the centre of the city known as the Street of Facades.... Read more

Day 5 - Stop 3

The Monastery

One of the most fascinating walks in the entire city is hiking up to the Monastery. A larger and grander... Read more

Day 6

Live the Desert Life in Wadi Rum

On the fifth day, we will head south towards the deserts of Wadi Rum. This is another UNESCO World Heritage... Read more

Day 6 - Stop 1

Explore Wadi Rum Desert

Visiting the vast desert in Wadi Rum will make you feel like you are in a scene from the movie... Read more

Day 6 - Stop 2

Burdah and Um Fruth Rock Bridges

The Wadi Rum Desert has 3 major rock bridges that you can climb and marvel in the beauty of the... Read more

Day 6 - Stop 3

Camping in Wadi Rum Desert

End the day by staying in one of the luxurious Bedouin tents in the middle of the desert. There are... Read more

Day 7

Explore the Coastal Town of Aqaba

After spending 7 days in Jordan visiting various historical landmarks and ancient cities, it is now time to relax and... Read more

Day 7 - Stop 1

Snorkeling & Diving at South Beach

Aqaba is well-known as a top snorkelling and diving destination. Due to its proximity to the Red Sea, it attracts... Read more

Day 7 - Stop 2

Relax at the Berenice Beach Club

Have a lovely time by the beach at the Berenice Beach Club located 15 minutes away from Downtown Aqaba. It... Read more

Day 7 - Stop 3

Boat tour around Gulf of Aqaba

If you are not into snorkeling or diving, another great way to explore the amazing marine life of the Gulf... Read more



With so much to see and do, these 7 days in Jordan will go by in a jiffy. After this... Read more