10 Best Cities to Visit in Morocco Story

By Children of Wanderlust


10 Best Cities to Visit in Morocco Story

From winding medieval market streets and snow-capped mountains to wind-swept coastlines and sun-drenched deserts, Morocco is a country located in... Read more

City 1


Located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, an easy short hop from Marrakesh, sits the beautiful city of Essaouira. An important fishing... Read more

City 2


At the centre of Morocco’s desert tourism industry, Merzouga sits tucked in at the base of the mountainous red dunes... Read more

City 3


Think mountains in Morocco and most people will think of the High-Atlas. While these are beautiful and worthy of a... Read more

City 4


Morocco’s surf capital, Taghazout, is now a big player on the international surf scene. From humble beginnings, a blossoming surf... Read more

City 5


A backpacker favourite, Chefchaoun in Morocco’s northern Rif Mountains, has long been famed for being at the epicentre of Morocco’s... Read more

City 6


Marrakesh (or Marrakech) is Morocco’s number 1 tourist destination, popular as a year-round spot for a city break. The energy... Read more

City 7

The Atlas Mountains and 2 Gorges

The majestic, snow-capped High-Atlas Mountain range runs through the centre of Morocco and forms a beautiful backdrop to the Marrakesh... Read more

City 8


One of the four imperial cities of Morocco, Meknes was the capital of the country and the greater Moorish empire... Read more

City 9

Sidi Ifni

On the Atlantic coast in Morocco’s deep south sits Sidi Ifni. With a long colonial history of Spanish occupation and... Read more

City 10


Fes (or Fez) is Morocco’s second-largest city. It is home to an ancient old town and medina. The medina sits... Read more


In Summary

Morocco is a friendly and welcoming country full of endless colour and diversity, just waiting to be explored. Whatever type... Read more