10 Things to Do North of Auckland Story

By Amanda Strube

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10 Things to Do North of Auckland Story

After exploring Auckland city for a few days, it's time to head out and explore...

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Thing to do 1

Scuba Diving Near Poor Knights Islands

The Poor Knights Islands is a marine reserve located off the east coast north of...

Thing to do 2

Ahipara and the Endless Summer Hostel

Ahipara is home to a popular yet out of the way spot that many surfers...

Thing to do 3

Sunrise at Cape Reinga Light House

Cape Reinga is the very most northern part of New Zealand, and it is where...

Thing to do 4

Sand Boarding on the Te Paki Sand Dunes

Not far from Cape Reinga is the legendary Te Paki Sand Dunes. These natural, massive...

Thing to do 5

Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Falls is another very popular attraction north of Auckland, and a great place to...

Thing to do 6


Devonport is a straightforward trip to do from Auckland as it lies just north of...

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Thing to do 7

North Head in Devonport

North Head is a military base within Devonport. A volcano formed it, and you can...

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Thing to do 8

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is yet another famous tourist attraction north of Auckland that must be included...

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Thing to do 9

Goat Island Marine Reserve

Goat Island Marine Reserve is New Zealand's very first marine reserve that was established in...

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Thing to do 10

Cape Brett Walkway

The Cape Brett Track is an unforgettable hike located in the Northland region of New...

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Endless Options for Adventure

There are numerous attractions and things to do north of Auckland. Whether you want to...

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