10 Things to Do North of Auckland Story

By Amanda Strube


10 Things to Do North of Auckland Story

Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and the common starting point for most travellers to New Zealand. After landing at... Read more

Thing to do 1

Scuba Diving Near Poor Knights Islands

The Poor Knights Islands is a marine reserve located off the east coast north of Auckland. No one has lived... Read more

Thing to do 2

Ahipara and the Endless Summer Hostel

Ahipara is home to a popular yet out of the way spot that many surfers visit. Shipwreck Bay, as it's... Read more

Thing to do 3

Sunrise at Cape Reinga Light House

Cape Reinga is the very most northern part of New Zealand, and it is where the Tasman Sea and the... Read more

Thing to do 4

Sand Boarding on the Te Paki Sand Dunes

Not far from Cape Reinga is the legendary Te Paki Sand Dunes. These natural, massive dunes are amongst one of... Read more

Thing to do 5

Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Falls is another very popular attraction north of Auckland, and a great place to bring the family in the... Read more

Thing to do 6


Devonport is a straightforward trip to do from Auckland as it lies just north of the city. Most people take... Read more

Thing to do 7

North Head in Devonport

North Head is a military base within Devonport. A volcano formed it, and you can get here by walking along... Read more

Thing to do 8

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is yet another famous tourist attraction north of Auckland that must be included on your Auckland itinerary. It... Read more

Thing to do 9

Goat Island Marine Reserve

Goat Island Marine Reserve is New Zealand's very first marine reserve that was established in 1975. It is often included... Read more

Thing to do 10

Cape Brett Walkway

The Cape Brett Track is an unforgettable hike located in the Northland region of New Zealand's North Island. The hike... Read more


Endless Options for Adventure

There are numerous attractions and things to do north of Auckland. Whether you want to do something adventurous, like sandboarding... Read more