30 Famous Landmarks in Peru to Visit Story

By Lauren Kendrick

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30 Famous Landmarks in Peru to Visit Story

From ancient ruins to cultural buildings, there are many famous landmarks in Peru. Discover these...

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Landmark 1

The Sacred Valley, Andes Mountains

The Sacred Valley made up the main region of the Inca Empire, along with Machu...

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Landmark 2

Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains

Machu Picchu is the most iconic Peru landmark that is situated in the Andes Mountains...

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Landmark 3

The Inca Trail, Cusco

If you choose to hike the whole way to Machu Picchu, the best way to...

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Landmark 4

The City of Cusco, Cusco

Cusco is a charming city in the southeastern part of Peru, near the Andes Mountain...

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Landmark 5

Saqsaywaman, Cusco

Meaning ‘Royal Eagle,’ Saqsaywaman is an archeological site just 2 km north of Cusco’s main...

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Landmark 6

Cusco Cathedral, Cusco

One of the most important sites in the historical city of Cusco is the Cusco...

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Landmark 7

Qorikancha, Cusco

Known as Coricancha, Koricancha, or Qorikanch, this is an ancient Incan temple in Cusco that...

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Landmark 8

Choquequirao Archaeological Park, Cusco

Found in the south of Peru, Choquequirao Archaeological Park is another famous Inca site that...

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Landmark 9

Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge, Quehue

Earning its prestigious title of the ‘last remaining Inca rope bridge,’ Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge crosses...

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Landmark 10

Colca Canyon, Chivay

With a depth of 11,100 ft, which is twice that of the Grand Canyon, Colca...

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Landmark 11

Historic Center of Lima, Lima

Like the city of Cusco, the Historic Center of Lima is another area that makes...

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Landmark 12

Barranco Square, Lima

Barranco is one of the most famous districts in Lima, known for its romance and...

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Landmark 13

Cathedral of Lima, Lima

The Cathedral of Lima is arguably one of the most beautiful baroque cathedrals in the...

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Landmark 14

Larco Museum, Lima

The Larco Museum is an impressive, privately-owned museum showcasing pre-Columbian history. It is situated in...

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Landmark 15

Plaza de Armas, Lima

One of the major landmarks in Peru is the Plaza de Armas in Lima. Known...

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Landmark 16

The Lima Art Museum, Lima

The Lima Art Museum in Peru showcases some of the most incredible Peruvian talents in...

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Landmark 17

Miraflores Central Park, Lima

As one of the most famous places in Peru, Miraflores Central Park is a gorgeous...

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Landmark 18

Arequipa, Arequipa

Arequipa is one of the most important cities in Peru and is an area filled...

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Landmark 19

Misti Volcano, Arequipa

The Misti stratovolcano is an incredible natural landmark in Peru made of andesite, dacite, and...

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Landmark 20

Manu National Park, Madre de Dios

Located in southeastern Peru, Manu National Park is a Biosphere Reserve that stretches across 1.5...

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Landmark 21

Huacachina, Ica

Built around a small desert lake, Huacachina is a small oasis village surrounded by dunes...

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Landmark 22

Ballestas Islands, Pisco

Just off the southern coast near Pisco, the Ballestas Islands are uninhabited by humans and...

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Landmark 23

Cordillera Blanca, Huascaran National Park

Peru is notorious for its breathtaking mountain ranges, and the Cordillera Blanca is a larger...

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Landmark 24

Churup Lake, Huascaran National Park

With stunning turquoise waters and an incredible rocky backdrop, it’s safe to say that Churup...

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Landmark 25

Amazon River, Iquitos

The Amazon River runs through several countries in South America, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and...

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Landmark 26

Nazca Lines, Nazca Desert

Another important archeological site in Peru is the group of Nazca Lines that can be...

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Landmark 27

Chan Chan, Trujillo

Chan Chan is one of Peru’s major landmarks in the northeastern part of the Peru...

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Landmark 28

Gocta Waterfall, Bongara

Gocta Waterfall in Peru can only be described as a majestic natural wonder. Located where...

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Landmark 29

Lake Titicaca, Puno

As one of the most famous Peru landmarks (and one of the largest lakes in...

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Landmark 30

Taquile Island, Puno

Located around 45km off the shore on Lake Titicaca, Taquile Island and its inhabitants lived...

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In Summary

It’s no secret that Peru is a country full of incredible beauty. From calming boat...

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