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30 Top-Rated Peru Tourist Attractions Worthy of Exploring


30 Top-Rated Peru Tourist Attractions Worthy of Exploring

Introduction - Many of these 30 top-rated Peru tourist attractions have Incan influence, as it was such a pivotal era in Peru’s...

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Cordillera Blanca, Huascaran National Park

Attraction 1 - Peru is notorious for its breathtaking mountain ranges, and the Cordillera Blanca is a larger range that makes up part...

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Larco Museum, Lima

Attraction 2 - The Larco Museum is an impressive, privately-owned museum showcasing pre-Columbian history. It is situated in the Pueblo Libre area of...

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Chan Chan, Trujillo

Attraction 3 - Chan Chan is one of Peru’s major landmarks in the northeastern part of the Peru desert. It is thought to...

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Nazca Lines, Nazca Desert

Attraction 4 - Another important archeological site in Peru is the group of Nazca Lines that can be found in the Nazca Desert...

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Manu National Park, Madre de Dios

Attraction 5 - Located in southeastern Peru, Manu National Park is a Biosphere Reserve that stretches across 1.5 hectares and encompasses highlands, lowlands...

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Huacachina, Ica

Attraction 6 - Built around a small desert lake, Huacachina is a small oasis village surrounded by dunes in the south of Peru...

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Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge, Quehue

Attraction 7 - Earning its prestigious title of the ‘last remaining Inca rope bridge,’ Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge crosses over the Apurimac Canyon. The...

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Misti Volcano, Arequipa

Attraction 8 - The Misti stratovolcano is an incredible natural landmark in Peru made of andesite, dacite, and rhyolite. It’s actually one of...

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The City of Cusco, Cusco

Attraction 9 - Cusco is a charming city in the southeastern part of Peru, near the Andes Mountain range. The entire city is...

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Cathedral of Lima, Lima

Attraction 10 - The Cathedral of Lima is arguably one of the most beautiful baroque cathedrals in the entire world. It is located...


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