The 28 Best Palawan Tourist Spots for First-timers Story

By Amanda Strube


The 28 Best Palawan Tourist Spots for First-timers Story

Palawan Island, in the Philippines, has been rising to the top of the list as not only a budget-friendly, backpacker... Read more

Tourist spot 1

Shimizu Island

Shimizu Island is most commonly visited by people who choose tour A for an El Nido Island Hopping Tour. It... Read more

Tourist spot 2

Snake Island

Snake Island, known by locals as Vigan Island, can be found tucked away in the beautiful Bacuit Bay. While actually... Read more

Tourist spot 3

Culion Island

Culion Island is one of the most historical places in Palawan. Today, you would never know that this strikingly bright... Read more

Tourist spot 4

Calauit Safari Park

This safari park was originally made to be a game reserve under the command of Ferdinand Marcos. He demanded the... Read more

Tourist spot 5

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a world-class spot for diving. Its seclusion has fortunately left the reef in a healthy... Read more

Tourist spot 6

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the very best of the Puerto Princesa tourist spots. Located not far... Read more

Tourist spot 7

Small Lagoon

A visit to the Small Lagoon is typically the first stop of Tour A when island hopping in El Nido.... Read more

Tourist spot 8

Big Lagoon

Following the Small Lagoon on Tour A, is, of course, the Big Lagoon. The Big Lagoon has three distinct parts,... Read more

Tourist spot 9

Twin Lagoon

One of the hottest Coron tourist spots, the Twin Lagoon is a must-see. You can only get here by boat,... Read more

Tourist spot 10

Trek Mt. Tapyas

Mt Tapyas is at the heart of Coron Town and offers a sweeping view of velvety green hills and endless... Read more

Tourist spot 11

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is still somewhat of a secret gem when it comes to things to do in Palawan. This crystal... Read more

Tourist spot 12

Kayangan Lake

Similar to Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake has exceptionally clear waters with different layers of saltwater and freshwater. This lake is... Read more

Tourist spot 13

Starfish Island

Appropriately named Starfish Island, this Honda Bay tourist spot is covered with hundreds of brightly colored starfish. Not just its... Read more

Tourist spot 14

Nagtabon Beach

Nagtabon Beach is a local secret, so if you plan on visiting here, you will most likely enjoy the quintessential... Read more

Tourist spot 15

Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach is another beautiful white sand beach that you will definitely want to travel to. This beach is a... Read more

Tourist spot 16

Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls

The Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls are located less than two miles south of Nacpan Beach. Some people choose to hire a local... Read more

Tourist spot 17

Pamuayan Waterfalls

The Pamuayan Waterfalls is located in Port Barton. It is anywhere from a 3-5 mile hike, depending on where you... Read more

Tourist spot 18

Bigaho Falls

Bigaho Falls can be found in San Vicente, and you can either hire a boat to take you here, or... Read more

Tourist spot 19

Sunset at Corong Corong Beach

Corong Corong Beach is ideal for watching a serene sunset. Not as touristy as El Nido, this beach is peppered... Read more

Tourist spot 20

Surfing in Duli Beach

If you are a surfer or want to learn how to surf, Duli Beach is one of the best places... Read more

Tourist spot 21

Seven Commandos Beach

7 Commandos Beach is legendary and mysterious because no one knows the real reason behind its odd name. The most... Read more

Tourist spot 22

Ugong Rock

Ugong Rock Adventures is the perfect park to visit if you are any sort of thrill-seeker. It has several adventures... Read more

Tourist spot 23

Tabon Caves

The Tabon Caves was initially discovered by Dr. Fox and is a system of nearly 200 caves. It is also... Read more

Tourist spot 24

Taraw Cliff

The Taraw Cliff Climb is one of the most exciting things you can do in Palawan, although it is not... Read more

Tourist spot 25

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is a beautiful sun-drenched beach, hidden and protected behind the high, sheer cliffs in El Nido. You can... Read more

Tourist spot 26

Onuk Island

Onuk Island is super remote compared to some of the other islands dotting the Palawan Coast, making it somewhat of... Read more

Tourist spot 27

Dumaran Island

Dumaran Island is one of Palawan's secret spots. Not overrun by tourists, this island gives you a glimpse of a... Read more

Tourist spot 28

Olangoan Falls

The Olangoan Falls is about 40 minutes outside of Puerto Princesa. The best way to get here is by motorbike,... Read more


Lingering Thoughts

Much of this list is made up of outdoor water activities, so you should pack appropriately. As the Philippines is... Read more