25 Best Seoul Cafes You Must Visit Story

By Agne Civilyte

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25 Best Seoul Cafes You Must Visit Story

Seoul is a ‘coffee shop haven’ with hundreds of independent and hip coffee shops. Explore...

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Cafe 1

Daerim Warehouse

Nestled in the trendy neighbourhood of Seongsu, just opposite of Gangnam District, Daerim Warehouse (aka...

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Cafe 2

Osulloc Tea House

Osulloc is a famous green tea brand that has shops in Myeongdong, Insadong, Daehakro, and...

Cafe 3

Coffee Hanyakbang

Themed cafes in Seoul are becoming more and more popular, and ordinary traditional Korean coffee...

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Cafe 4

Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

If you are looking for an instagrammable cafe in Seoul, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe is...

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Cafe 5

943 King's Cross Harry Potter Cafe

In late 2018, another excellent coffee shop opened up in the trendy Hongdae neighbourhood. 943...

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Cafe 6

Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe, or Cong Cafe, is slightly different from the other coffee shops mentioned on...

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Cafe 7

Madang Flower Cafe

This list would not be complete without also including Madang Cafe on it, which lives...

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Cafe 8

Thanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature Cafe is an interesting animal coffee shop. It is a cafe where you...

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Cafe 9

Temple of Ungnyeo

Situated in the heart of the Insadong neighbourhood, the Temple of Ungnyeo is one of...

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Cafe 10

Coffee & Cigarettes

Located on the 17th floor, Coffee & Cigarettes showcases stunning views of the surrounding mountains...

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Cafe 11


The Archivist is a simple coffee shop situated in the Jongno District. It is one...

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Cafe 12

Yeonjiwon Traditional Tea House

Although Yeonjiwon Traditional Tea House is not an actual coffee shop, I couldn't exclude it...

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Cafe 13

Sanmotoonge Cafe

If you are looking for beautiful cafes to visit in Seoul, Sanmotoonge Cafe must be...

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Cafe 14


Seoulism is a classy cafe offering fantastic views of the Lotte World Tower. If you...

Cafe 15

The Space Filled With You

Located in the quiet Yongsan District, The Space Filled With You offers a peaceful atmosphere...

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Cafe 16

TXT Coffee

If you love retro vibes, then TXT Coffee is a must visit cafe in Seoul...

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Cafe 17

Catlover Garden

If you are a cat lover, you have to visit the Catlover Garden coffee shop...

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Cafe 18


Situated in Itaewon, C.Through is the perfect place to relax and enjoy coffee. If you...

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Cafe 19

Old Ferry Donut

There is nothing better than a doughnut and a coffee, don't you agree? If you...

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Cafe 20

Peach Grey

Peach Grey offers great drinks, delicious treats, and a unique painting experience. This coffee shop...

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Cafe 21

Mamma Mia

Do you love bright colours and aesthetic interiors? If so, Mamma Mia is one of...

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Cafe 22

C27 Cheesecake and Coffee

If you love the airy and quirky style, C27 Cheesecake and Coffee is the right...

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Cafe 23

Cafe Kohiru

Situated in the beautiful Songpa neighbourhood, Café Kohiru exceeds everyone's expectations regarding drinks, baked goods...

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Cafe 24

Goondrip Coffeeshop

Do you love strong hand drip coffee? If so, you have to visit Goondrip Coffeeshop...

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Cafe 25

Café Onion Anguk

Café Onion is well-known for its chic design and great drinks. There are several branches...

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In Summary

You can easily spend all your time visiting Seoul’s coffee shops, and even then, you...

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