One Day in Cordoba Itinerary Story

By Agne Civilyte

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One Day in Cordoba Itinerary Story

This one day in Cordoba itinerary will help you to plan an efficient day trip...

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Day 1

Explore historic and colourful Cordoba's old town

Cordoba is a relatively small city and one day is just enough to visit its...

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Day 1 - Stop 1

Have breakfast at El Arriate - Café y Tapas

El Arriate - Café y Tapas is a small cafe located near the Roman Mausoleum...

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Day 1 - Stop 2

Get fascinated by Almodóvar Gate

Almodóvar Gate, or Puerta de Almodóvar, is one of the Islamic city gates previously known...

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Day 1 - Stop 3

Visit Córdoba Synagogue

Constructed in the 14th century, Córdoba Synagogue, or Sinagoga de Córdoba, is one of the...

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Day 1 - Stop 4

Take a tour of Patios de San Basilio

Almost every tourist decides to visit Cordoba after seeing the photos of colourful houses decorated...

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Day 1 - Stop 5

Have an Andalusian lunch at La Posada Del Caballo Andaluz

Located in a San Basilio district's peaceful street, La Posada Del Caballo Andaluz serves authentic...

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Day 1 - Stop 6

Explore Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, also known as Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, is a...

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Day 1 - Stop 7

Cross the Roman Bridge of Córdoba

There are many beautiful bridges in Andalusia, such as the famous Puente Nuevo in Ronda...

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Day 1 - Stop 8

Be amazed by panoramic views from Torre de la Calahorra

Situated at the south of the Roman Bridge, Torre de la Calahorra, or Tower of...

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Day 1 - Stop 9

Wander around Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, or Mezquita of Cordoba, is one of the main landmarks both in...

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Day 1 - Stop 10

Explore Calleja de las Flores

The most loved by tourists and locals, Calleja de las Flores, also known as Alley...

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Day 1 - Stop 11

Dinner at Taberna El Capricho

Surrounded by narrow alleys and historic buildings, Taberna El Capricho is an authentic Cordoban restaurant...

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Day 1 - Stop 12

Stop by the Roman Temple of Córdoba

Located a short walk from the Plaza de la Corredera, The Roman Temple of Córdoba...

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Day 1 - Stop 13

Enjoy night views of Palacio de Viana

Your last stop is Palacio de Viana, that is also known as Viana Palace. Technically...

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In Summary

I hope you enjoyed reading this 24 hours in Cordoba itinerary and found plenty of...

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