10 Best Cafes in Colombo that will Treat You Right Story

By Raeesha Ikram


10 Best Cafes in Colombo that will Treat You Right Story

Colombo is the commercial hub of Sri Lanka that tourists flock to visit and have a good time. While skyscrapers... Read more

Cafe 1

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Sometimes, what we really need after a long day of travel is an excellent cup of coffee that speaks to... Read more

Cafe 2

Barefoot Garden Cafe

If you want a break from the city’s busy noise, or if you just want to relax while enjoying a... Read more

Cafe 3

E- Cafe

As the name implies, E- Cafe Colombo is focused on helping its customers get their work done while sipping a... Read more

Cafe 4

The Commons Coffee House

The Commons Coffee House is one of the oldest coffee houses in Colombo and is popular among locals and tourists... Read more

Cafe 5

London House of Coffee

The London House of Coffee is a high-end cafe that serves some of the finest coffee you will find in... Read more

Cafe 6

Coco Veranda

If you want to beat the heat of sunny Colombo, head to Coco Veranda and treat yourself with one of... Read more

Cafe 7

Cafe Kumbuk

If what you need is a taste of authentic Sri Lankan flavour, then this is the ideal place to go.... Read more

Cafe 8

Butter Boutique

For someone like me who loves to savour on a classic tea menu every once in a while, this cafe... Read more

Cafe 9

Plus Nine Four

One thing you will notice right away about this cafe is its incredibly peaceful setting. It’s an excellent place to... Read more

Cafe 10

The Grind Coffeehouse

This cafe is popular among the locals for its perfectly-brewed, aromatic coffee made from Sri Lankan coffee beans. This makes... Read more



The list of coffee shops in Colombo doesn’t end here, and you will surely be amused by the number of... Read more