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Where to Stay in Zanzibar if You Are a Beach Lover? 19 Top Beaches


Where to Stay in Zanzibar if You Are a Beach Lover? 19 Top Beaches

Introduction - Hitting the beach soon but don't know where to stay in Zanzibar? Keep scrolling to find out the 19 best...


Nakupenda Beach

Place to stay 1 - The Zanzibar archipelago boasts some of the most beautiful beaches globally, and Nakupenda Beach is by far one of them...

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Pemba Island

Place to stay 2 - To the north of Zanzibar Island, still part of the Zanzibar archipelago, lies Pemba Island. Literally meaning The Green Island...

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Jambiani Beach

Place to stay 3 - If you are more into the authentic side of Zanzibar, Jambiani Beach is the place for you. This beach is...

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Mafia Island

Place to stay 4 - Mafia Island is also part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, located south of the main island. Mafia, also known by its...

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Nungwi Beach

Place to stay 5 - If you are traveling solo or looking for more of a social vibe, Nungwi Beach could be the right fit...

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Kizimkazi Beach

Place to stay 6 - Kizimkazi Beach is magical and mystical. It experiences drastic tide changes, and at low tide, beach, reef, tide pools, and...

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Dongwe Beach

Place to stay 7 - Another beautiful white sand beach lined with gorgeous palm trees awaits you at this tropical paradise. There are small beach...


Kendwa Beach

Place to stay 8 - If you like swimming, Kendwa Beach would be your ideal beach. Unlike some other beaches, the way the tides work...

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Mnemba Island

Place to stay 9 - Mnemba Island, sometimes referred to as the Mnemba Atoll (which isn't actually correct), is an island just off the coast...

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Pongwe Beach

Place to stay 10 - Secluded and serene, Pongwe Beach is ideal for a romantic getaway or anyone needing a quiet, solo holiday. There are...


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