Abu Dhabi Beaches - 11 Best Beaches in Abu Dhabi Story

By Nawaal R. Khan


Abu Dhabi Beaches - 11 Best Beaches in Abu Dhabi Story

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its luxury and decadence. Its capital city, Abu Dhabi, has a wonderful... Read more

Beach 1

Al-Bateen Beach

Al-Bateen Beach is located on Khalifa Al Mubarak Street and overlooks Al-Hudariyat Island and Al Hudairyat Bridge. It is a... Read more

Beach 2

Mirfa Beach

Known as the hidden gem of the United Arab Emirates, Mirfa Beach is a gorgeous oasis away from the bustling... Read more

Beach 3

YAS Beach

YAS Beach is located on the southern end of YAS Island. It is one of the best beaches of Abu... Read more

Beach 4

Al Hudayriat Beach

Al Hudayriat Beach, on Al Hudayriat Island, is part of a new city development by Abu Dhabi. It takes about... Read more

Beach 5

Al Maya Island

Al Maya Island is a tiny island located off the coast of the Corniche. It is accessible by a 20-minute... Read more

Beach 6

Saadiyat Beach Club

Located on Saadiyat Island, Saadiyat Beach Club is a must-visit beach if you want to immerse yourself in an upscale... Read more

Beach 7

Saadiyat Public Beach

Located on the northwest coast of Saadiyat Island, Saadiyat Public Beach is a great place to spend the day relaxing... Read more

Beach 8

Zaya Nurai Island

If you're looking for pure indulgence, Zaya Nurai Island is the spot for you. It is located a 15-minute boat... Read more

Beach 9

Nation Riviera Beach Club

Located right on the Corniche in Downtown Abu Dhabi, Nation Riviera Beach Club is one of the most well-known beach... Read more

Beach 10

Corniche Beach

Corniche Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Abu Dhabi. It attracts both locals and tourists in huge... Read more

Beach 11

Al'Bahar Beach

Al'Bahar Beach is located on the Corniche in Downtown Abu Dhabi. It is home to AquaFun, Abu Dhabi's largest inflatable... Read more



Indulgent luxury is the word that comes to anyone's mind when they think of Abu Dhabi. The city is filled... Read more