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40 Best Places to Visit in London You Shouldn't Miss


40 Best Places to Visit in London You Shouldn't Miss

Introduction - Home to some of the best contemporary architecture and historic buildings, London is one of the most famous tourist destinations...

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Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

PLACE TO VISIT 1 - The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain was built with 545 pieces of Cornish granite, with each piece shaped by a computer-controlled...

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Hyde Park

PLACE TO VISIT 2 - Hyde Park opened to the general public in 1637, and this was by order of King Charles, but it was...


Trafalgar Square

PLACE TO VISIT 3 - Trafalgar Square is a popular public square located in the City of Westminster, Central London. John Nash was the architect...

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The Shard

PLACE TO VISIT 4 - The Shard is one of the masterpieces of the architect Renzo Piano. Since the Shard opened in February 2013, the...

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Royal Observatory

PLACE TO VISIT 5 - The Royal Observatory is located in Greenwich and is significant as this is where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) gets measured...

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30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)

PLACE TO VISIT 6 - 30 St Mary Axe, popularly known by the locals as "The Gherkin," is one of the must-see famous buildings in...

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Tower Bridge

PLACE TO VISIT 7 - Tower Bridge is one of the tourist attractions you can't afford to miss because it is one of the famous...

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Westminster Abbey

PLACE TO VISIT 8 - Touring the mystical cathedrals and abbeys of London and the country is a must-do experience in England. The construction of...

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Covent Garden

PLACE TO VISIT 9 - When visiting London, a trip to Covent Garden is a must! In fact, you’ll probably find yourself returning to this...

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The National Gallery

PLACE TO VISIT 10 - The National Gallery is one of the most famous art museums in the world. Constructed in 1937, it attracts more...


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