25 Fun Things to Do in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona Story

By Alexis Kuri


25 Fun Things to Do in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona Story

Take a look at this list of 25 fun things to do in Downtown Phoenix...

Thing to do 1

Learn about science at The Arizona Science Center

As one of the premier science centers in the U.S., the Arizona Science Center has...

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Thing to do 2

Have a signature drink at Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

Open since 2014, Bitter & Twisted has offered Downtown Phoenix a non-stop pour of their...

Thing to do 3

Visit Chase Field

Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field is a unique Major League Baseball field with...

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Thing to do 4

Enjoy a sunny day at The Civic Space Park

The Civic Space Park has a unique urban design that creates an oasis in the...

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Thing to do 5

Learn about art at The Phoenix Art Museum

After more than sixty years open, the Phoenix Art Museum is the largest in the...

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Thing to do 6

Spend an evening with The Phoenix Symphony

Calling all music lovers! Are you wondering what to do in Downtown Phoenix, AZ? Well...

Thing to do 7

Visit the Phoenix Center for the Arts

Support local art by visiting the Phoenix Center for the Arts! The center focuses on...

Thing to do 8

Explore the Phoenix Convention Center

With many events at your disposal, the Phoenix Convention Center is ready for your visit...

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Thing to do 9

Grab a slice at Pizzeria Bianco

It may be a long wait, but Pizzeria Bianco's wood fire or stone oven pizza...

Thing to do 10

Take a walk through Roosevelt Row Arts District

Immerse yourself in local culture at the Roosevelt Row Arts District. Commonly known as “RORO...

Thing to do 11

Glimpse into the past at The Rosson House Museum at Heritage Square

This fully restored Victorian house from the late 1800s is now a perfect window into...

Thing to do 12

Hike at The South Mountain Park and Preserve

Head on up the dessert road to take in all the nature. As one of...

Thing to do 13

Reflect and relax at The Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

Take in nature by going on a short peaceful walk inside The Japanese Friendship Garden...

Thing to do 14

Head to The Van Buren

This concert venue always provides Downtown Phoenix with exciting new acts and night-life shenanigans. Once...

Thing to do 15

Go to the Arizona Wilderness DTPHX

If you are a fan of good beer, the Phoenix Suns, tasty food, and a...

Thing to do 16

Stop by The Churchill for some food and local shopping

This hip, open-air, industrial food court is a fun place to go in Downtown Phoenix...

Thing to do 17

Enjoy family time at The Teapot

Pinky’s up, everyone- It’s teatime! This family-friendly, British-inspired coffee shop and event place are perfect...

Thing to do 18

Grab some drinks and appetizers at Lustre Rooftop Bar

Downtown Phoenix’s only rooftop bar has lots to offer! With its contemporary yet inviting outdoor...

Thing to do 19

Enjoy some entertainment at the Orpheum Theater

Located within the Phoenix Convention Center, the Orpheum Theater cannot be missed! Its stunning architecture...

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Thing to do 20

Indulge on a fine-dining experience at Wrigley Mansion

Go all out for a special occasion or treat at the Wrigley Mansion. Constructed in...

Thing to do 21

Go shopping at The Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

One of the best places to go to in Downtown Phoenix is the Farmers Market...

Thing to do 22

Learn about Native American art at The Heard Museum

Founded in 1929, the Heard Museum is one of Phoenix’s first cultural attractions. Known for...

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Thing to do 23

Enjoy some smooth jazz at The Nash

If you appreciate music, do not miss out on this hidden gem! Stop at The...

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Thing to do 24

Grab a bite at Romanelli’s Italian Deli

Open since 1975, this old-school Italian Deli will not disappoint! Its friendly staff, tasty subs...

Thing to do 25

Spend a sunny afternoon at Encanto Park

Located in the heart of Phoenix, this park has everything from picnic areas and playgrounds...


In Summary

Downtown Phoenix is one of the sunniest cities in the United States. It is full...

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