The 15 Best Parks in Berkeley, CA Story

By Ann Chang

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The 15 Best Parks in Berkeley, CA Story

With over 50 parks to visit, this article covers the 15 best parks in Berkeley...

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Park 1

Tilden Regional Park

Located on the eastern hills of Berkeley, this park is one of East Bay's oldest...

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Park 2

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Sitting between Berkeley and Oakland, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is also one of East Bay...

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Park 3

Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Nestled in the hills of Berkeley and Oakland, Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve spans 208 acres...

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Park 4

Codornices Park

Opened in 1915 as one of the first parks in the city, Codornices Park featured...

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Park 5

McLaughlin Eastshore State Park

Bordering the north and south of Aquatic Park, McLaughlin Eastshore State Park spans 8.5 miles...

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Park 6

Indian Rock Park

Berkeley boasts multiple rock parks for avid climbers and boulderers, with Indian Rock Park being...


Park 7

Cesar Chavez Park

Originally known as North Waterfront Park, Cesar Chavez Park replaced the former landfill site as...

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Park 8

Shorebird Park Nature Center & Adventure Playground

Situated along the southern shoreline of Berkeley, Shorebird Park Nature Center offers terrific activities and...

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Park 9

Live Oak Park

Right beside the Berkeley Art Center, Live Oak Park hosts several community festivals and provides...

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Park 10

Willard Park

The go-to neighborhood park in Southeast Berkeley, Willard Park encompasses a sizeable multipurpose turf, plus...

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Park 11

San Pablo Park

Opened for public use in 1914, San Pablo Park provides various recreational activities for all...

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Park 12

University of California Botanical Garden

Featuring nine regions of flora from North America to Australia, the UC Botanical Garden encompasses...

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Park 13

Cedar Rose Park

The city of Berkeley developed Cedar-Rose Park along a portion of the abandoned Santa Fe...

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Park 14

Albany Bulb

North of McLaughlin Eastshore State Park, the Albany Bulb juts out into the bay. Originally...

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Park 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park

Honoring the famous civil rights activist, the city designated this park as the Martin Luther...

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Berkeley is an attractive, charming, and less crowded mirror of San Francisco. Whether you're visiting...

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