Top 17 Best Outdoor Activities in Berkeley, CA Story

By Kirke Männik

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Top 17 Best Outdoor Activities in Berkeley, CA Story

Find out the best outdoor activities in Berkeley, CA to do, a city with stunning...

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Activity 1

Go Wild in Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground is an urban park located at the Berkeley Marina. From zip lining to...

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Activity 2

Take a Walk in Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park is a diverse 100-acre park that offers multiple different activities to unwind. If...

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Activity 3

Explore Berkeley Campus

The campus of the University of California in Berkeley is packed with remarkable buildings from...

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Activity 4

Meet the Community at Berkeley Farmers' Markets

Berkeley has three open-air farmers' markets that are open all year round. They're joyful meeting...

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Activity 5

Hike in the Trails of Berkeley

There are 41 charming hiking trails in Berkeley, all of different lengths and sceneries. You...

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Activity 6

Explore Tilden Regional Park

Tilden Park is a 2,079-acre regional park located between Berkeley Hills and San Pablo Ridge...

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Activity 7

Admire the Historical Berkeley Rose Garden

Berkeley Rose Garden is a stunning park with 250 varieties of roses and 1,500 rose...

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Activity 8

Learn About the Wildlife in the UC Botanical Garden

The UC Botanical Garden is a living museum with one of the most diverse collections...

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Activity 9

Fly a Kite in César Chávez Park

Located on the peninsula in Berkeley Marina, César Chávez Park is a spot with gorgeous...

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Activity 10

Visit the Famous Golden Gate Bridge

Being one of the most famous landmarks in the entire world, the Golden Gate Bridge...

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Activity 11

Feel the Adrenaline in the Golden Gate Fields

Golden Gate Fields is a horse racing track located along the coastline of the San...

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Activity 12

Rock Climb in Indian Rock Park

If you're looking to exert yourself, don't miss out on the chance to visit Indian...

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Activity 13

Be a Kid at Shorebird Park Nature Center & Adventure Playground

Shorebird Park Nature Center is a scenic outdoor area along the water with a nature...

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Activity 14

Swim in Lake Anza

Lake Anza is a fresh-water lake in the beautiful Tilden Regional Park. The natural pool...

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Activity 15

Have Fun in Codornices Park

Codornices Park is located in a charming hillside setting in Northeast Berkeley. As one of...

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Activity 16

Spoil Yourself with a Good Meal

When it comes to food, Berkeley does not mess around. It is the birthplace of...

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Activity 17

Visit the Berkeley Flea Market

Berkeley Flea Market is an international outdoor bazaar in South Berkeley. You can find everything...

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In Conclusion

Berkeley is the perfect spot for a getaway. If you desire to get away from...

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