11 Nicknames for Colorado That You Should Know Story

By Alli Sewell


11 Nicknames for Colorado That You Should Know Story

Find out more about the beautiful mountainous state of Colorado by learning these 11 nicknames...

Nickname 1

The Centennial State

The Centennial State is the official state nickname of Colorado. You’ll find this moniker on...

Nickname 2

Colorful Colorado

While not an official nickname, Colorful Colorado is a well-known and frequently used Colorado state...

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Nickname 3

The Highest State

Another nickname for Colorado is The Highest State. This name came about due to Colorado...

Nickname 4

The Buffalo Plains State

In the past, Colorado was covered with plains on which buffalo and bison herds lived...

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Nickname 5

The Switzerland of America

The Colorado state nickname The Switzerland of America is slightly lesser known and comes from...

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Nickname 6

The Lead State

Colorado used to be an important lead mining state, hence the name The Lead State...

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Nickname 7

The Silver State

This nickname relates to another of Colorado’s past mining activities. Colorado has been mining silver...

Nickname 8

Little London

Around 150 years ago, Colorado saw an influx of immigrants from the United Kingdom. This...

Nickname 9

Gateway to the Rockies

Gateway to the Rockies is a nickname given to Colorado state and the city of...

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Nickname 10

The Mile-High City

The Mile-High City is a name often given to Denver instead of being a Colorado...

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Nickname 11

Nil Sine Numine

Instead of being one of multiple Colorado nicknames, Nil Sine Numine is the official state...


In Conclusion

Colorado is an amazing state with a rich history and culture and breathtaking natural landscapes...

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