21 Fun Facts About Miami, Florida, You Should Know Story

By Alli Sewell


21 Fun Facts About Miami, Florida, You Should Know Story

There are numerous fun facts about Miami, Florida, to learn. If you want to discover...

Fact 1

The largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the US is in Miami

Miami is well-known for its numerous Art Deco buildings. The majority of these buildings are...

Fact 2

Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world

The Port of Miami is the largest and busiest cruise ship port in the world...

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Fact 3

The first Burger King opened in Miami in 1954

One of the cool facts about Miami, Florida, is that the first Burger King restaurant...

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Fact 4

Miami is sometimes nicknamed the "Wreckcreational" diving capital

Miami is a popular recreational diving destination. Due to the tens of shipwrecks found in...

Fact 5

It has the nickname "Magic City"

"Magic City" is a nickname often used for Miami. Anyone who has visited and seen...

Fact 6

Julia Tuttle is known as the "Mother of Miami"

One of the various interesting historical facts about Miami, Florida, is that its creation can...

Fact 7

Coconut Grove is Miami's oldest-continually inhabited area

People first settled in Coconut Grove in 1825, and this settlement was officially annexed to...

Fact 8

Miami Dade County is the seventh most populous US county

The county that Miami is a part of, Miami Dade County, is the United States...

Fact 9

It has the largest concentration of international banks in the US

Miami may not be thought of as a financial hub. However, another of the important...

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Fact 10

Little Havana was named a national treasure!

Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami known for its vast Hispanic, especially Cuban, influence...

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Fact 11

Miami has the second-biggest population in Florida

You may think that Miami would be the most populous place in the state of...

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Fact 12

The city is named after the Mayaimi tribe that once lived there

Another of the multiple Miami history facts revolve around how the area got its name...

Fact 13

The Cape Florida Lighthouse is Miami's oldest structure

One of the multitude of landmarks in Miami is the Cape Florida Lighthouse. This lighthouse...

Fact 14

Miami is bounded by two national parks

Miami sits between Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park, two of the East Coast's...

Fact 15

It is not as large a city as you'd think

Despite having the second-largest population in Florida and being home to over 400,000 residents, Miami...

Fact 16

The population of Miami is 70% Hispanic

Miami has a strong Latin culture, so this is one of the interesting facts about...

Fact 17

Miami is home to five major league sports team

Residents of Miami have lots of sports teams to cheer for as the city has...

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Fact 18

You can see alligators, caiman, and crocodiles in Everglades National Park

If you like wildlife, then this is one of the cool facts about Miami, Florida...

Fact 19

Manatees live in Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is one of the most scenic places in Miami and features beautiful beaches...

Fact 20

Miami International Airport is the second-busiest in Florida

The Miami International Airport ranks as Florida's second-busiest airport, behind Orlando International Airport. Miami's airport...

Fact 21

South Beach went from one of the poorest parts of Miami to the richest

South Beach is a well-known part of Miami Beach. If you've visited in the last...

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In Summary

There is a lot to know about Miami! Along with being a favorite vacation spot...

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