50 Interesting & Fun Facts About Georgia State You Should Know Story

By Gabrielle T


50 Interesting & Fun Facts About Georgia State You Should Know Story

While it may be well known, people often can't name many interesting and fun facts...

Category 1

Georgia Fun Facts

Category 1 - Fact 1

Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi river

To start out this list of fun facts about the state of Georgia, did you...

Category 1 - Fact 2

The Fort King George State Historic Site is the oldest British fort in Georgia

As one of the original colonies, Georgia has plenty of British forts and constructions that...

Category 1 - Fact 3

Georgia first entered the union in 1788

Though part of the British colonization in North America, Georgia didn't automatically join the United...

Category 1 - Fact 4

Stone mountain is the most exposed granite mountain

Just a few miles away from downtown Atlanta is Stone Mountain park. That name might...

Category 1 - Fact 5

Georgia's southeast touches the Atlantic Ocean

While you might know that Georgia borders North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida...

Category 1 - Fact 6

Jimmy Carter was a Georgia senator and governor

You might know Jimmy Carter as the 39th president of the USA, but did you...

Category 1 - Fact 7

Indian Springs is Georgia's oldest state park

If you're looking for interesting Georgia facts, here's one for you. Indian Springs is a...

Category 1 - Fact 8

The Cherokee written alphabet was published in Georgia

Georgia has made some efforts to honor its Cherokee history. The formalization of Cherokee County...

Category 1 - Fact 9

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta

Atlanta has been the home to many important people throughout history. However, non may be...

Category 1 - Fact 10

Georgia has the most varied soil in the US

While there are many types of soil in Georgia, same as everywhere else, Georgia's soil...

Category 2

Interesting Facts About Georgia

Category 2 - Fact 1

Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia

Georgia is known for its diverse landscape. Perhaps the best example of this is Amicalola...

Category 2 - Fact 2

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park covers 35 acres

You've already read that Martin Luther King Junior was born in Atlanta and that the...

Category 2 - Fact 3

Georgia was the civil rights movement headquarters

If you've ever studied contemporary American History, you'll want to know this vital information about...

Category 2 - Fact 4

Many Civil War battles were fought in Georgia

Since Georgia is in such proximity to many other US states and has access to...

Category 2 - Fact 5

There are three Native American tribes in Georgia

Georgia may recognize Cherokee culture in its names and history; the Cherokee weren't the only...

Category 2 - Fact 6

Sandy Springs is the Fortune 500 capital of the US

When you think about fortune 500 companies, you likely think about places in California or...

Category 2 - Fact 7

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the world's largest

Though it might border the ocean, you might not expect Georgia to have a thriving...

Category 2 - Fact 8

Coca-Cola was invented in Georgia

One of the most interesting Georgia facts is also one of the tastiest. Coca-Cola is...

Category 2 - Fact 9

The 1996 Olympics were held in Atlanta

The 1996 Olympics were a special event. It marked the 100th anniversary of the first...

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Category 2 - Fact 10

Atlanta is the state's 5th capital

Atlanta is Georgia's most important city, so it seems obvious that it would be the...

Category 3

Weird Facts About Georgia

Category 3 - Fact 1

Georgia is the USA's largest peanut producer

If you've ever eaten something with peanuts, there's a good chance they came from Georgia...

Category 3 - Fact 2

The first gold rush happened in Georgia

When most people think about the USA's history with gold mining, they think about the...

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Category 3 - Fact 3

Atlanta wasn't always called Atlanta

Though Atlanta was founded in 1837, it wasn't always called that. Atlanta didn't become the...

Category 3 - Fact 4

Three hundred and eighty-three species of birds live in Georgia

From north to south Georgia, plenty of diverse animal species call the state home. One...

Category 3 - Fact 5

Georgia had the first college in the world that accepted women

For centuries, higher education was considered to be a man's privilege. While women could still...

Category 4

Cool Facts About Georgia

Category 4 - Fact 1

Georgia is divided into 159 counties

To make governing efficient, every US state is divided into counties. While the average number...

Category 4 - Fact 2

The Blue Ridge Mountains are the state's highest mountain range

Georgia is no stranger to mountain ranges. Unlike its neighbor to the south, Florida, the...

Category 4 - Fact 3

The Okefenokee Swamp is the largest blackwater swamp in the USA

With its black coloring due to the organisms and minerals in the soil and water...

Category 4 - Fact 4

Georgia has had three simultaneous governors

In 1947, politics in Georgia got complicated. After the elections for governor were held, the...

Category 4 - Fact 5

Georgia was the first state to lower the voting age to 18

No list of interesting facts about the state of Georgia would be complete without mentioning...

Category 5

Historical Facts About Georgia

Category 5 - Fact 1

Georgia was the last of the original 13 colonies

Unlike many southern states, Georgia has been deeply connected to US history from its beginning...

Category 5 - Fact 2

Oakland Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Atlanta

Oakland Cemetery has become something of a city landmark. As the oldest cemetery in Atlanta...

Category 5 - Fact 3

The Georgia Gold Belt has some of the most abundant gold deposits

Georgia's gold rush was quickly eclipsed by the 1849 rush to California. However, some of...

Category 5 - Fact 4

Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe

It's true that Georgia was colonized on behalf of the British Royal Crown. However, no...

Category 5 - Fact 5

The yellow fever epidemic caused nearly 1/5 of Savannah's residents to flee

Yellow fever wreaked havoc on the USA in the 1800s. The virus is spread by...

Category 6

Funny Facts About Georgia

Category 6 - Fact 1

"Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" started in Georgia

You may not know this one even if you know tons of fun Georgia facts...

Category 6 - Fact 2

Most of Georgia's lakes are artificial

Georgia has plenty of natural lakes and other bodies of water. That fact hasn't stopped...

Category 6 - Fact 3

Georgia was initially a penal colony

Georgia may have been one of the original 13 colonies, but its intended use was...

Category 6 - Fact 4

Cordele is the watermelon capital of the world

Cordele might be a small town of around 12000 people, but it's made a name...

Category 6 - Fact 5

The largemouth bass is the Georgia state fish

It's not uncommon for a state to elect things to be an official symbol of...

Category 7

Creepy Facts About Georgia

Category 7 - Fact 1

The Olde Pink House might be haunted

The Olde Pink House is a favorite and treasured restaurant in Savannah, but not for...

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Category 7 - Fact 2

Moon River Brewing Company is a haunted bar in Savannah

Georgia history facts take a haunted turn at the Moon River Brewing Company. The bar...

Category 7 - Fact 3

The Sorrel Weed House has been featured on TV

The Sorrel Weed House is a Savannah landmark and museum. It's been preserved to represent...

Category 7 - Fact 4

The Marshall House was used as a Civil War hospital

The Marshall House may be an operating hotel, but it's also become a symbol of...

Category 7 - Fact 5

Old Candler Hospital was the first hospital in Savannah

Savannah has always had medical practitioners in the city, but it didn't have an official...

Category 8

Quick Facts About Georgia

Category 8 - Fact 1

Georgia's state flower is the Cherokee rose

You may remember that the Cherokee rose was mentioned earlier in this list. This white...

Category 8 - Fact 2

The state is also called The Empire State of the South

Most states have a moniker. This nickname often shows up in tourist information, on signs...

Category 8 - Fact 3

Georgia is also known as the Peach State

A list of facts about Georgia would be incomplete if it mentioned one of the...

Category 8 - Fact 4

It is named after King George II

King George II was responsible for granting the charter that allowed Georgia to be colonized...

Category 8 - Fact 5

Georgia was the first southern state to ratify the constitution

While the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776, the US Constitution wasn't written until...


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