Do You Know These 20 Interesting Facts About Savannah, GA? Story

By Alli Sewell


Do You Know These 20 Interesting Facts About Savannah, GA? Story

Located in Chatham County in the Southern state of Georgia, Savannah is one of the...

Fact 1

One of the US' largest National Historic Landmark Districts is in Savannah

The US has 2,300 National Historic Landmark Districts, and Savannah’s Historic District is one of...

Fact 2

Savannah’s First African Baptist Church was the country’s first black church

Founded in 1773, Savannah’s First African Baptist Church was the first created by an African...

Fact 3

Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city and the first planned city in the US

One of the interesting facts about Savannah, Georgia, is that it was one of the...

Fact 4

Catholicism was outlawed when Savannah was founded

When Savannah was founded in the 1700s, James Edward Oglethorpe made Catholicism illegal. He also...

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Fact 5

Wormsloe Historic Site houses Savannah’s oldest structure

The Wormsloe Historic Site is one of the most significant historical landmarks in Savannah. The...

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Fact 6

Pirates’ House is the oldest building in Savannah

While the Wormsloe Historic Site ruin holds the title of being the oldest standing structure...

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Fact 7

Savannah was gifted to President Lincoln during the Civil War

One of the multiple interesting Savannah, GA, history facts is that Savannah was given to...

Fact 8

Savannah is home to one of the oldest Jewish congregations in the US

Savannah's Temple Mickve Israel is one of the oldest synagogues in the US. The temple...

Fact 9

Savannah’s iconic Spanish Moss isn’t moss!

Savannah is known for its moss-covered streets and trees, specifically covered with Spanish Moss. However,...

Fact 10

Moon River Brewing Company is another of Savannah’s most haunted sites

Moon River Brewing Company is located in one of Savannah’s oldest buildings and is also...

Fact 11

The song Moon River is about Savannah

The haunting of Moon River Brewing Company isn’t the only fact related to “Moon River.”...

Fact 12

Savannah was one of the main cities featured in Forrest Gump

Savannah is one of the primary cities that the 1994 movie Forrest Gump was set...

Fact 13

The South’s oldest operating historical society is in Savannah

The Georgia Historical Society, headquartered in Savannah, is one of the oldest in the United...

Fact 14

Savannah was Georgia’s first state capital

Another of the fascinating Savannah, GA, history facts relates to the state’s capital. Although Atlanta...

Fact 15

The Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah

The Girl Scouts of America were founded in Savannah in 1912 by city resident Juliette...

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Fact 16

Juliette Gordon Low has a district of the city named after her

Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low is such a significant figure in Savannah that she...

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Fact 17

You can take your alcoholic drinks to-go in Savannah!

One of the fun facts about Savannah, Georgia, is that it’s legal to take alcoholic...

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Fact 18

The Forsyth Park fountain was ordered from a catalog

Forsyth Park is an iconic park in downtown Savannah known for its over 150-year-old fountain...

Fact 19

There’s a nuclear bomb on Savannah’s Tybee Island

One of the little-known Savannah, Georgia, history facts, is that a nuclear bomb was dropped...

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Fact 20

Colonial Park Cemetery is one of Savannah’s most haunted sites

Colonial Park Cemetery is Savannah’s largest cemetery and one of the city’s most haunted sites!...

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In Summary

Savannah is an incredible location to visit, with an interesting history. Due to this rich...

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