21 Fun Facts About Honolulu, Hawaii, That Will Surprise You Story

By Alli Sewell


21 Fun Facts About Honolulu, Hawaii, That Will Surprise You Story

These 21 fun facts about Honolulu, Hawaii, are sure to be of interest to you...

Fact 1

Captain William Brown was the first foreigner to reach Honolulu

Britain’s Captain William Brown was the first foreigner to ever sail into Honolulu Harbor. In...

Fact 2

The WWII Pearl Harbor attack occurred in Honolulu

The 1941 attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base remains one of the worst attacks...

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Fact 3

The USS Arizona Memorial is the final resting place for many soldiers

Another of the historical facts about Honolulu, Hawaii, is that the USS Arizona Memorial marks...

Fact 4

The only royal palace in the US is in Honolulu

Before becoming a US state, Hawaii was the “Kingdom of Hawaii” and had a royal...

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Fact 5

Honolulu is one of the most expensive places to live in the US

If you’ve considered moving to Honolulu, you may not want to learn this fact! Honolulu...

Fact 6

The Hawaii State Capital is Honolulu

One of the Honolulu, Hawaii, fun facts that you may know is that Honolulu is...

Fact 7

The Bishop Museum is the largest museum in Hawaii

One of the most famous Honolulu landmarks is the Bishop Museum. This museum is also...

Fact 8

The largest collection of Asian and Western Art in Hawaii is in Honolulu

The Honolulu Museum of Art is home to the biggest collection of Asian and Western...

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Fact 9

Honolulu sees 90 rainy days per year

Another of the cool facts about Honolulu, Hawaii, that you may not know is that...

Fact 10

There is a large military cemetery in Honolulu

The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is a military cemetery located in Honolulu. This...

Fact 11

Honolulu means Sheltered Harbor

Another Honolulu, Oahu, fact is that the name Honolulu means “Sheltered Harbor” or “Calm Port...

Fact 12

The “Father of Modern Surfing” was from Honolulu

One more of an array of interesting facts about Honolulu, Hawaii, is that the sport...

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Fact 13

The largest city in Hawaii by size is Honolulu

Honolulu is physically the largest city in Hawaii, covering a total area of 177.2 km...

Fact 14

Honolulu has the largest population in Hawaii

Along with being Hawaii’s largest city by size, the Honolulu population is the greatest of...

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Fact 15

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, was born in Honolulu in August...

Fact 16

Waikiki Beach is Hawaii’s most famous beach

Hawaii is known for its breathtaking beaches, and if looking for the best beach, this...

Fact 17

A 300,000-year-old mountain overlooks Honolulu

One of Oahu and Honolulu’s most iconic natural features is Diamond Head Mountain, also known...

Fact 18

The court of Kamehameha I was in Honolulu

One of many Honolulu history facts is that the first ruler of the Kingdom of...

Fact 19

You can visit a royal summer residence when in the city

Along with visiting the renowned Iolani Palace while in Honolulu, you can explore the Queen’s...

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Fact 20

Hawaii Five-O was produced in Honolulu

The original version of the police drama Hawaii Five-O was set, produced, and filmed in...

Fact 21

Honolulu houses the Hawaii State Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii is located in Honolulu in the Ali'iolani...


In Summary

Visiting Honolulu is on many traveler's bucket lists, and for good reason! Along with being...

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