25 Famous Landmarks in Michigan You Have to See Story

By Loredana Elena


25 Famous Landmarks in Michigan You Have to See Story

Michigan is rich in history and nature and bordered on nearly every side by a...

Landmark 1

Alden B. Dow Home & Studio

For lovers of all things design and architecture, the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio...

Landmark 2

Calumet Historic District

The Calumet Historic District makes up most of Calumet, Michigan. Calumet became a true village...

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Landmark 3

Detroit Institute of Arts Museum

Right in the heart of Wayne County is the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum. Plan...

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Landmark 4

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

There is something uniquely special about the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. The 158-acre...

Landmark 5

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

The names Henry Ford and Michigan are synonymous with cars and American innovation. Henry Ford...

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Landmark 6

Isle Royale National Park

Did you know there is a lake island in Michigan? It's so big that it's...

Landmark 7

Lake Michigan

Yes, on a sunny clear day, you can see all the way across Lake Michigan...

Landmark 8

Mackinac Bridge

What is the most famous landmark in Michigan? It's probably Mackinac Island and its famous...

Landmark 9

Mackinac Island State Park

If you go to Mackinac Island, chances are you will be in Mackinac Island State...

Landmark 10

Michigan History Museum

There is an entire museum system oriented around Michigan history, 12 museums in total. The...

Landmark 11

Michigan State Capitol

Did you know that the Michigan State Capitol building was one of the first to...

Landmark 12

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

What is the most beautiful place in Michigan? Once you've seen it, you'll probably agree...

Landmark 13

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a refuge of lakes laden with forests of flora...

Landmark 14

St. Clair River Tunnel

What is so miraculous about the St. Clair Tunnel? It was the first subaqueous tunnel...

Landmark 15

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Looking for a place to be at one with nature? Tahquamenon Falls State Park has...

Landmark 16

University of Michigan Museum of Art

The University of Michigan Museum of Art was foremost built as a war memorial at...

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Landmark 17

Warren Dunes State Park

Hugging the state line with Indiana is the Warren Dunes State Park. This state park...

Landmark 18

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Are you curious about a lot of things? The motto of the Grand Rapids Public...

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Landmark 19

Nelis' Dutch Village

Did you know there is a Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan? Nelis' Dutch Village serves...

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Landmark 20

Zekelman Holocaust Center

The Holocaust Memorial Center isn't a "fun" place to visit, but it is a moving...

Landmark 21

Motown Museum

Are you a music lover, specifically Motown? Did you know that Motown is a portmanteau...

Landmark 22

Thomas Edison Depot Museum

One of the popular historical sites in Michigan, The Thomas Edison Depot Museum, is a...

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Landmark 23

Big Spring (Kitch-iti-kipi)

Big Spring is, as you guessed it, Michigan's largest spring. The water is so calm...

Landmark 24

Hiawatha National Forest

The Hiawatha National Forest cozies up to three of the five Great Lakes: Superior, Huron...

Landmark 25

A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum

Do you like bright shiny rocks? One of the most prestigious mineral museums, nationally and...


In conclusion

Michigan is a vast and beautiful state to visit. It has a wild nature that...

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