The 59 Best Non-Touristy Things to Do in NYC Story

By Febriana R


The 59 Best Non-Touristy Things to Do in NYC Story

Here are the 59 best non-touristy things to do in NYC. Explore the hidden gems...

Thing to do 1

Check out the eclectic Morgan Library and Museum

As a visitor of the city, you can never run out of museums to explore...

Thing to do 2

Live out your cottage-core fantasies at Elizabeth Street Garden

Looking for something a little more idyllic than Central Park? Then the Elizabeth Street Garden...

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Thing to do 3

Create your own magical cocktails at The Cauldron

Located in the Financial District of Manhattan, The Cauldron is a magic-themed bar where you...

Thing to do 4

Experience a hot tub boat tour with Sea the City

Perhaps one of the most unusual things to do in NYC, this tour allows you...

Thing to do 5

Indulge in pastrami from Katz’s Delicatessen, Manhattan’s oldest deli

New York City is filled with delis and bodegas, but nothing quite compares to the...

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Thing to do 6

Experience modern contemporary art at its finest at Mmuseumm

Another of the NYC non-touristy things to do is going to one of the most...

Thing to do 7

Pamper yourself at AIRE Ancient Baths

You don’t need to go all the way to Greece to experience the ancient baths...

Thing to do 8

Take a circus aerial class at Aerial Arts NYC in Manhattan

Ever wondered how circus stars train for their magical and breathtaking shows? Then you should...

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Thing to do 9

Have a romantic night out at the Temple Court on 10

For a night out of pasta and champagne, head to this Beekman St. restaurant. Temple...

Thing to do 10

Travel to 1850s Ireland at McSorley’s, Manhattan’s oldest pub

Keeping with the same theme as Katz’s, McSorley’s Old Ale House is a pub that...

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Thing to do 11

Learn the art of espionage at Spyscape

Visiting museums is one of the most fun things to do in NYC, but the...

Thing to do 12

Experience an audio-visual installation at Artechouse

Among NYC’s many art installations, Artechouse offers something a little bit different. Located in the...

Thing to do 13

Bask in the beautiful Manhattan skyline with the Roosevelt Island Tramway

If you’ve ever wondered what an aerial view of the Upper East Side looks like...

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Thing to do 14

Go for a nightcap inside a bank vault at Trinity Place Restaurant

This hidden bar in the Financial District of Manhattan wasn’t just decorated to look like...

Thing to do 15

See how a medieval monastery looks like at The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park

Manhattan is mainly known for its skyscrapers and beautiful brownstone, so this particular site might...

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Thing to do 16

Find the hidden bar behind a little bodega in Seaport

The best thing about New York City is that it's filled with secret spots not...

Thing to do 17

Get spooked with the ghosts of New York walking tour

Being part of a tour group can get boring sometimes, but that definitely won't be...

Thing to do 18

Try the chopped cheese from Hajji’s in Harlem

New York City delis are famous for their Reubens and sandwiches made with fresh, high-quality...

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Thing to do 19

Hunt for the best pizza in the city

Another non-tourist thing to do in NYC is to hunt for the best pizza in...

Thing to do 20

Feast on halal street food with the Halal Guys food truck

For those looking for a halal option when visiting New York City, one of the...

Thing to do 21

Kayak and sail on the East River

You don’t have to go all the way to Coney Island or Rockaway Beach to...

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Thing to do 22

Unwind under cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Considering how dense New York City is, it’s always a treat every time you come...

Thing to do 23

Shop for unique souvenirs at the Brooklyn Flea Market

Visiting flea markets is one of the best non-tourist things to do in NYC, as...

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Thing to do 24

Discover pinball heaven at the Sunshine Laundromat

Some of the best places in NYC are pretty underground, and only those who seek...

Thing to do 25

Catch the sunset at Westlight at The William Vale

Rooftop venues are a-plenty in New York City, but this one provides one of the...

Thing to do 26

Have a feast at DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn

The food scene in Brooklyn is massive, let alone in the entire city. As a...

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Thing to do 27

Take your bike out on the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the best ways to discover a new city is to explore it on...

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Thing to do 28

Explore the cheese tunnels at the Crown Finish Caves

Good quality cheese is often attributed to Italy, France, and the Netherlands, but New York...

Thing to do 29

Dance the night away at the House of Yes in Brooklyn

New York City is no stranger to weirdly-themed parties that only a few have access...

Thing to do 30

Feel the thrill at Beat The Bomb escape room

Beat The Bomb is not your average escape room, and it’s perfect for thrill-seekers visiting...

Thing to do 31

Stroll through Brooklyn Heights on the Squibb Park Bridge

The Brooklyn Squibb Park Bridge is a hidden gem that not even many locals have...

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Thing to do 32

Enjoy a fun day out at Luna Park on Coney Island

The boroughs of Manhattan and Queens are more well-known for their food, art scene, and...

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Thing to do 33

Try pizza ice cream from Max and Mina’s in Flushing

Out of all the creameries in New York City, Max and Mina’s is probably the...

Thing to do 34

Have a summer surf sesh at Rockaway Beach in Queens

Most people don't usually associate New York City with surfing, and maybe that's because you...

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Thing to do 35

Make your own candles at Wick and Pour

There’s nothing better than personalizing your own souvenir, and you can do precisely that at...

Thing to do 36

Travel back through time at the TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport

Airports aren’t usually a go-to attraction for tourists, but the TWA Flight Center is not...

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Thing to do 37

Buy fresh, authentic pasta from Cassinelli Pasta

New York City might be known for its pizza, but thanks to the large concentration...

Thing to do 38

Have bottomless brunch at The Shady Lady in Queens

Brunch is such a great way to unwind and spend time with your loved ones...

Thing to do 39

Check out the Panorama of New York at the Queens Museum

New York City might be a massive metropolis, but this panorama lets you overlook the...

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Thing to do 40

Treat yourself with vintage desserts at Holtermann’s Bakery

The journey to this Staten Island bakery might be long and winding. If you don’t...

Thing to do 41

Boogie in your skates at RollerJam USA

The ice rink in Central Park is iconic, but it tends to be swarmed with...

Thing to do 42

Have a fresh pint at the Flagship Brewing Company

Staten Island might be called “New York’s forgotten borough,” but the beers from this brewery...

Thing to do 43

Reach a state of zen at the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden

If you ever find yourself in Staten Island, a must-see place is the New York...

Thing to do 44

Catch a show at the historic St. George Theater on Staten Island

Broadway shows are a must-see when you visit the city, but for those looking for...

Thing to do 45

Taste grandma’s cooking at Enoteca Maria on Staten Island

No matter how good a restaurant is, nothing beats grandma's cooking. Fortunately for foodies in...

Thing to do 46

Visit the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

If you’re an avid baseball fan, the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is a must-visit...

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Thing to do 47

Try Puerto Rican moonshine at Port Morris Distillery

Most distilleries often focus on creating wine, beer, whiskey, tequila, and other typical liquors. Port...

Thing to do 48

Go to the other Little Italy in the Bronx

Mulberry Street in Manhattan is not the only neighborhood known for its Italian heritage. There...

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Thing to do 49

Snack on molé with a side of activism at La Morada in the Bronx

La Morada is a little Mexican food joint tucked below an apartment building on Williams...

Thing to do 50

Explore the East Village

The East Village is a Manhattan neighborhood known for its bars, pubs, and clubs. You...

Thing to do 51

Shop for books at Strand Bookstore

One of the top non-touristy things to do in NYC is spending some time looking...

Thing to do 52

Find the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most famous NYC landmarks. A fun New York...

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Thing to do 53

Ride the Staten Island Ferry

One of the best ways to see the Manhattan skyline is by riding on the...

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Thing to do 54

Hang out at Battery Park City

Another of the fun non-touristy things to do in NYC is spending some time at...

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Thing to do 55

Eat sweet treats at the city’s best bakeries

If you have a sweet tooth, one of the New York non-touristy things to do...

Thing to do 56

Cheer for NYC’s sports teams

New Yorkers love their sports teams, and catching a game when you’re in the city...

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Thing to do 57

Wander along the High Line

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity, one of the cool non-touristy things to do...

Thing to do 58

Dare to go into the New York Catacombs

One of the off-the-beaten-path activities to try in NYC is going underground into the city’s...

Thing to do 59

Go on a Brooklyn street art tour

Brooklyn is a trendy part of NYC that has some great street art murals to...

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